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Joining reQuest
A service of the Connecticut State Library and your local library

All libraries in Connecticut are invited to contribute their records and holdings to reQuest, the statewide library catalog of Connecticut, and to participate in the reQuest interlibrary loan system. reQuest is part of iCONN.org – Connecticut's research engine. The annual participation fee is $325. More detailed information about the services offered and participation responsibilities is given in the documents below:

Invitation Letter
Value of the Statewide Library Catalog (reQuest) (PDF - 460 kb)
Benefits of Participating in reQuest (PDF - 1.49 Mb) 
Participation Agreement (PDF - 54kb) (Word - 18kb)
Participation Form (PDF - 40kb) (Word - 42kb)
reQuest Interlibrary Loan Code (12kb)
Guidelines of Procedures for Use with the reQuest Interlibrary Loan Code (RFC)
Inter-System Sharing Initiative (ISSI) – Guidelines for Participants
reQuest z39.50 Code (PDF - 21kb) (Word - 31kb)
reQuest Training
Shelf Status in reQuest (PDF - 189kb) (Word - 150kb)
Z39.50 Target Profile Form for Shelf Status (PDF - 23kb) (Word - 25kb)

(The above files are provided in Portable Document Format (PDF) and requires Adobe Acrobat Reader or in Microsoft Word. If you can not access them, please email the webmaster for an alternate version.)

For more information on joining reQuest, contact
Bill Sullivan
Telephone: toll free 888-256-1222 or 860-704-2230
FAX: 860-704-2229

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