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Links to iCONN Classic Menus
A service of the Connecticut State Library and your local library

Direct Links to Classic Menus Via Auto-Graphics

The direct links below can be used by schools and libraries to add links to iCONN Classic Menus and Popular Magazines to their own home pages. These direct links allow patrons to bypass the iCONN portal and access the Classic Menus and Popular Magazines directly. The links can be arranged as libraries see fit, e.g., interfiled with locally licensed resources, arranged by subject, etc.*

The links provide IP authentication for in library use and barcode authentication for out of library use. Please use the permanent links below for access, but do not bookmark the much longer links that appear in your browser's address field after you've landed in the resources - those links are not permanent and may not work after you've closed the browser.

iCONN Classic Menu for Public Libraries: http://www.iconn.org/classicpublic
iCONN Classic Menu for Colleges & Universities: http://www.iconn.org/classiccollege
iCONN Classic Menu for High Schools: http://www.iconn.org/classicschool
iCONN Classic Menu for Middle Schools: http://www.iconn.org/classicmiddleschool
iCONN Classic Menu for Elementary Schools: http://www.iconn.org/classicelementary
iCONN Newspapers: http://www.iconn.org/classicnewspapers
Links to Popular Magazines for Public Libraries: http://www.iconn.org/popularmagazinespublic
Links to Popular Magazines for High Schools: http://www.iconn.org/popularmagazineshighschool
Links to Popular Magazines for Middle Schools: http://www.iconn.org/popularmagazinesmiddleschool
Links to Popular Magazines for Elementary Schools: http://www.iconn.org/popularmagazineselementaryschool

*When linking directly to iCONN resources, please include the iCONN logo to help raise awareness and continued support of iCONN. For directions and an image file, go to: Branding Links to iCONN.

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