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Check out the learning activities on using iCONN as a part of the student research process. Use the links below to learn more.

Introduction to the Learning Activities .pdf (71kb) or Word (21kb)

Elementary School

Middle School

  • Afghanistan .pdf (32kb) or Word (40kb)
  • African American Poet .pdf (36kb) or Word (44kb)
  • Alaska and Oil .pdf (32kb) or Word (44kb)
  • Are Farm Raised Fish Healthy? .pdf (32kb) or Word (40kb)
  • Prejudice in Today's Society .pdf (28kb) or Word (40kb)
  • Solar Energy .pdf (32kb) or Word (40kb)
  • Teens and Television .pdf (36kb) or Word (40kb)
  • What is Courage? .pdf (32kb) or Word (40kb)

High School

  • Accessing Resources Outside the School .pdf (9kb) or Word (44kb)
  • Afghanistan .pdf (28kb) or Word (36kb)
  • African American Poet .pdf (32kb) or Word (40kb)
  • Alaska and Oil .pdf (28kb) or Word (44kb)
  • A Byzantine Time Capsule .pdf (26kb) or Word (44kb)
  • Controversial Issues .pdf (24kb) or Word (36kb)
  • Culture of a Francophone Country .pdf (36kb) or Word (32kb)
  • Culture of Spanish Speaking Countries .pdf (32kb) or Word (36kb)
  • Investigating Physical Science .pdf (32kb) or Word (36kb)
  • Mental Health Issues for Teens .pdf (28kb) or Word (40kb)
  • Most Influential European Leader .pdf (13kb) or Word (46kb)
  • MTV Goes to Spain .pdf (9kb) or Word (44kb)
  • Preventing Serious Health Conditions .pdf (6kb) or Word (40kb)
  • Racism in Huckleberry Finn .pdf (32kb) or Word (40kb)
  • Reading American Authors .pdf (4kb) or Word (32kb)
  • Religious Influence on Asian Literature .pdf (28kb) or Word (36kb)
  • Renaissance Art .pdf (36kb) or Word (40kb)
  • Researching Medical Treatment .pdf (28kb) or Word (36kb)
  • Spanish Artists Reflecting Culture through Art .pdf (28kb) or Word (40kb)

Submitting Learning Activities (in Word)

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