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Affordable Care Act Resources
A service of the Connecticut State Library in partnership with your local library.

Access Health CT

Access Health CT is a new health insurance marketplace being developed by the State of Connecticut to satisfy the requirements of the federal Affordable Care Act. Our mission is to increase the number of Connecticut residents who are insured, lower their costs, promote health and eliminate health disparities. Access Health CT will operate at no cost to the state or its taxpayers.  

HealthAffairs Blog

Blog offers daily commentary on important issues in health policy. Hosted by the leading health policy journal, Health Affairs, the Blog provides a forum for the journal and its readers to quickly address new policy developments. The Blog features posts from noted health policy experts on both sides of the political aisle as well as regular Health Affairs contributors and staff.


Learn how the health care law affects you at Healthcare.gov. The official site of the Health Insurance Marketplace. See your health insurance choices.

Health Insurance Marketplace

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services offering links to partnership and training opportunities and to ACA resources.

Kaiser Family Foundation

Kaiser is a non-profit, private operating foundation focusing on the major health care issues facing the U.S., as well as the U.S. role in global health policy. Unlike grant-making foundations, Kaiser develops and runs its own research, journalism and communications programs, sometimes in partnership with other non-profit research organizations or major media companies. Kaiser serves as a non-partisan source of facts, information, analysis and journalism for policymakers, the media, the health care community, and the public. Our product is information, always provided free of charge  from the most sophisticated policy research, to basic facts and numbers, to in depth health policy news coverage provided by our news service, KHN, to information young people can use to improve their health or elderly people can use to understand their Medicare benefits.

National Network of Libraries of Medicine

National Network of Libraries of medicine supports collaboration among more than 500 libraries and information centers across New England with a goal to enhance access to health information for health professionals and the public.


ZeroDivide will partner with OCLC on a national project to improve public library eHealth services and prepare library staff to provide patrons with information and assistance related to the Affordable Healthcare Act.


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