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African American Women Writers of the 19th Century (New York Public Library Digital Collections)

Alex Catalogue of Electronic Texts (Eric Lease Morgan)

American Authors (Washington State University)

American Authors on the Web (Mitsuharu Matsuoka, Manchester University) (authors arranged by date of birth)

A Celebration of Women Writers (Mary Mark Ockerbloom, U of Pennsylvania)

Classics at the Online Literature Library (Knowledge Matters, Ltd.)

Documenting the American South (U of North Carolina)

Electronic Text Archives and Plays Online 

English Literature: Middle English (1350 - 1485)

English Literature: 16th Century Renaissance (1485 - 1603)

English Literature: Early 17th Century (1603 - 1660)

Google Books (search by author)

Literature @ SunSITE 

LSU Libraries Webliography Author Guides 

ManyBooks.net (29,000 e-books in multiple formats)

The Online Books Page (John Mark Ockerbloom, U of Pennsylvania) (over one million free books on the Web)

Page By Page Books 

Project Bartleby

Project Gutenberg

Renascence Editions: An Online Repository of Works Printed in English Between the Years 1477 and 1799 (U of Oregon)

Wright American Fiction, 1851 - 1875 (Indiana U)

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