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Other Useful Sites - Engineering and Computer Science
A service of the Connecticut State Library and your local library

A Guide to High School Programs in Science and Engineering

The American Society for Engineering Education

Artificial Intelligence

Carnegie Mellon Electrical & Computer Engineering Seminar Series (podcasts and vodcasts)

Computer Gateway (Cornell U)

Computer Science Curriculum Search (Google Scholar)

CT Technology Council Events Calendar

Engineering at the National Academies

Engineering Gateway (Cornell U)

Global Education Outreach for Science, Engineering and Technology

MIT Engineering Systems Division Working Papers

MIT OpenCourseWare - Aeronautics and Astronautics

MIT OpenCourseWare - Biological Engineering

MIT OpenCourseWare - Chemical Engineering

MIT OpenCourseWare - Civil and Environmental Engineering

MIT OpenCourseWare - Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

MIT OpenCourseWare - Engineering

MIT OpenCourseWare - Materials Science and Engineering

MIT OpenCourseWare - Mechanical Engineering

MIT OpenCourseWare - Nuclear Science and Engineering

MIT OpenCourseWare - Ocean Engineering

NASA Quest Challenges

National Science Digital Library Pathways

NEEDS (a digital library for engineering education)

Online Courses in Computer Software

Open Access Journals

Open Learning Initiative (Carnegie Mellon)

Open Yale Courses - Biomedical Engineering

Stanford Online (Course Previews with Video)

Stanford University Computer Science Education Library

Stanford University Computer Science Education Hosted Classes

Stanford University Computer Science Events & Seminars

Stanford University Online Seminars (requries free online registration)

TeachEngineering Resources for K-12

Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology (Alexandria, VA) - Computer Science Course Materials

UCONN Computer Science & Engineering Graduate Studies Online Materials

UCONN Computer Science & Engineering Undergraduate Studies Online Materials

UCONN Electrical & Computer Engineering Course Web Pages

Usability/Human-Computer Interaction

Yale Computer Science Course Web Pages

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