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Other Useful Sites - Job Seeking Resources
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Key Sites

Youth Jobs+

Connecticut Job Search Toolkit

CT Department of Labor

U. S. Department of Labor

Fairfield Public Library - Job and Career Resources and Jobs Series Podcasts

internsushi ("a new way to find, apply to and manage internships in the hardest-to-break-into industries")

More Key Sites - for Librarians

Helping Job Seekers: Using Electronic Tools and Federal Resources (includes a webinar on CareerOneStop and O*NET)

Workforce3One (U.S. Dept. of Labor, Employment and Training Administration)

Workforce Resources (WebJunction)

Connecticut Jobs Conference: Your Library as a Community Resource for Economic Recovery (presentations)

Road to Recovery: Strategies for Re-Employment Summit (conference agenda) (U.S. Dept. of Labor)

Other Research Resources

CT Departrment of Labor - Office of Research

iCONN OneSearch for Public Libraries - Business Profile

Other Useful Sites

Connecticut's Job Bank 

Connecticut's 100 Largest Companies (compiled annually by Connecticut Magazine)


EmploymentSpot - Connecticut

Green Careers


NationJob Network - Connecticut

Next Generation Careers Resource Connections (CT Dept. of Economic and Community Development)

Top Connecticut Companies (ranked by market capitalization)

USAJOBS (federal government)

Web Resources for Job Seekers (nationwide) (WebJunction)

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