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American Libraries


Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books

Bloomberg Businessweek (formerly, Business Week)

College & Research Libraries

Connecticut Libraries

Connecticut Magazine (current issue and selected articles in archives)

Connecticut Wildlife

Connecticut Woodlands

Cooking Light (May 2008 - present)

Current Biography


Down Beat (incomplete)

The Economist

The Education Digest


Forbes (1997 - present)

Fortune (2004 - present)

Harper's Magazine

Health Magazine

JAMA: The journal of the American Medical Association (abstracts only except for current issue)

Kiplinger (August 2009 - present)

Library Journal



The Nation (1/10/2000 to present) (selected articles)


Nature Medicine

The New England Journal of Medicine

PC Magazine


Popular Science (entire 137-year archive)

Psychology Today (June 2003 - present)

Scientific American


Sound & Vision

Sports Illustrated (1954 to present)

Stereo Review (now Sound and Vision)

Time (1923 - present)

Time for Kids

Travel & Leisure

U. S. News & World Report (1986 - present)

The Utne Reader


World Press Review (to April 2004)


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