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A service of the Connecticut State Library and your local library

Historical Newspapers

Afro-American Newpapers

Chronicling America - Historic American Newspapers (Library of Congress)

Google News Archive

Historical African American Newspapers (Marist College)

Historical Newspapers of Connecticut

United States Online Historical Newspapers (Google)

Newspapers - in Connecticut

Connecticut Newspapers on the Web 

The Press of Connecticut - Newspapers (State of Connecticut Secretary of State)

The Connecticut Mirror

Connecticut Network (with streaming audio and video)


Newspapers - General

Headline Spot

Internet Public Library: Newspapers

Online Newspapers 

News - Specialized

C-SPAN Video Library

EurekAlert! Science News (AAAS)

Journalist's Resource (research on today's news topics) (Harvard Kennedy School's Shorenstein Center and the Carnegie-Knight Initiative)

MedLine Plus Health News (past 30 days)

Science in the Headlines (National Academies)

Science News for Kids

ScienceNOW News (AAAS)

Television News Archive (Vanderbilt U) (free registration required)

United Nations Multimedia

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