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  • "iCONN provides a world of information at your fingertips", by Melanie Savage (ReminderNews.com, September 5, 2008)
  • "Online Index to Courant Is A Window On History" The Hartford Courant, April 12, 2006, pages D1 and D4
  • "The Connecticut Digital Library--free, fast, and open 24/7" CEA Advisor, March 2006, page 12 (Connecticut Education Association) (PDF - 149kb)
  • "One Click Away" by Anita Barney, Director, Brookfield Library (published in The Brookfield Journal, July 22, 2005) (Word - 21kb) (PDF - 19kb) (HTML)
  • The New iCONN: Imagination Rules (Connecticut Libraries, March 2005) by Bill Sullivan, Administrator, Connecticut Digital Library, p. 8.
  • "Going beyond Google" by Anita Barney, Director, Brookfield Library (published in The Brookfield Journal, January 9, 2004, p. 2.) (Word - 23 kb) (pdf - 75 kb) (HTML)
  • Film Search Leads to Unexpected Find (Susan Dunne, The Hartford Courant, June 6, 2003)
  • Connecticut's Digital Library: What's it good for? Is it here to stay?" (Gil Alwang, FOCL Point: Newsletter of the Friends of Connecticut Libraries / Winter 2001 issue)
  • "Online library service helping students and teachers become more cyber-savvy" By Muriel Gaynor, library media specialist, King Philip Middle School, and Janet Leonberger, library media specialist, Hall High School - West Hartford Public Schools (From the February 2002 issue of CEA Advisor - a monthly newsletter of the Connecticut Education Association). (Word - 24kb), (.pdf - 30kb), (HTML)
  • "Take a Free Ride on the Connecticut Digital Library" by Jane Tonn, Library Media Specialist, Middletown High School (published in State of the Union, Connecticut Federation of Educational and Professional Employees, February 2002) (PDF - 52kb) (Word - 26kb) (HTML)
  • "The Bad News and Some Good News about Magazines at Silas Bronson Library" (by Judy Lhamon, Acting Head of Reference and SCORE Manager, Silas Bronson Library, Waterbury) in Books and Happenings (Silas Bronson monthly newsletter), February 2002.(PDF - 33kb) (Word - 21kb) (HTML)
  • Norfolk Library NightOwl #14-02 (e-mail newsletter) (May 15, 2002)
  • "Library Lines" (weekly columns in Ridgefield Press by Mary Rindfleisch, Adult Services Librarian, Ridgefield Library)
  • "State Starts Vast Online Database: Digital Library Wins Praise From Users" (The Day.com) (PDF - 54kb) (Word - 11kb) (HTML)

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