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CT State Library Collections in Ancestry.com
A service of the Connecticut State Library in partnership with your local library.

Connecticut State Library materials on Ancestry.com are not part of the Ancestry.com site that is commercially available to the public. To access the State Library's materials, you must create an individual account with Ancestry.com. In doing so, be aware that you may receive large amounts of e-mail from Ancestry.com - unless you choose to opt out of receiving those e-mails.
While searching, it is not easy to tell when you have left the State Library portion of Ancestry.com and entered the commercial portion; to continue into the commercial portion of Ancestry.com you must subscribe to the commercial service using your credit card for payment. If you don't wish to subscribe to Ancestry.com as an individual subscriber, visit your local library to see whether access to the commercial portion of Ancestry.com is available there.

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