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Collection Development Guidelines for “Other Useful Sites”

A service of the Connecticut State Library in partnership with your local library.


The major considerations for selecting links from the open Web for iCONN are the informational and educational needs of iCONN’s academic, school and public library users. Sites are selected to complement licensed database content in iCONN, with preference given to full text information and primary source materials, and to non-commercial sites devoid of advertising. Link selection is based on content, design, access, authority, currency and scope. Links may be added to or deleted from iCONN by iCONN staff based upon the selection guidelines below:


  • Comprehensive (e.g., full text as opposed to abstracts or citations)
  • Non-commercial
  • Factual in nature
  • Neutral point of view
  • Verifiable


  • User friendly interface
  • Easy to navigate
  • Requires a minimum of additional software or hardware
  • All links work properly


  • Accessible through major browsers released within the past three years
  • Site loads quickly
  • Site is accessible at no cost to the user
  • Site is consistently available
  • Site has a static URL
  • If plug-ins are required, retrieval is quick and installation is easy


  • Creator(s) clearly identified
  • Sources of information clearly documented
  • Contact information clearly stated
  • Ability to ascertain status, affiliation, qualifications and reputation of creator


  • Regularly maintained and up-to-date
  • Changes to reflect new information


  • Purpose of the site clearly stated
  • Appropriate for the intended audience
  • Subject breadth, depth and currency clearly stated

Approved by the Connecticut Digital Library Advisory Board on December 7, 2011

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