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EBSCO Nonfiction Book Collections MARC Records
A service of the Connecticut State Library in partnership with your local library.

These MARC records with subject headings are provided in zipped format for loading into your local catalogs in order to provide another access point to the collections. To uncompress the zipped files, you can use either Winzip (for Windows) or Mac Zip (for Apple). Because there is some overlapping among the titles in the three collections, we also provide for your convenience a deduplicated file of all three collections.  The list of titles for each collection is available here.

NOTE: Due to publisher restrictions, 767 of the MARC records lack subject headings.

Records for High Schools

ebps-csl-3-131021_high_school.zip (167Kb zip)  

Records for Middle Schools

ebps-csl-2-131021_middle_school.zip (203Kb zip)

Records for Elementary Schools

ebps-csl-1-131021_elementary_school.zip (78Kb zip)

Records for Deduplicated Master List of all Titles

Deduped_ebook_file_with_subj_headings_fromEBSCO.zip (288kb zip)

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