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Financial Literacy Resources
A service of the Connecticut State Library in partnership with your local library.

Money Smart Week @ Your Library

Money Smart Week®  is an initiative to promote personal financial literacy.  The program was created by the Federal Reserve Bank in 2002. The American Library Association is partnering with the Federal Reserve Bank to work with libraries to promote this initiative.  Money Smart Week is April 18 - 25, 2015.

Libraries can register at ALA's Money Smart Week web site to be included in the intiative for 2015.  Promotional materials and resources are available from the ALA Money Smart site.  Click here to link to a powerpoint presentation from ALA.

Connecticut Saves / America Saves

Connecticut Saves is a campaign coordinated by the University of Connecticut Extension with the support of partners to help individuals save money and reduce their debt.  Connecticut Saves offers tips, tools, and strategies for individuals to reach their financial goals.  Connecticut Saves Week is February 23 - February 28, 2015.

Resources for Money Smart Week programming

Money Smart Week @ Your Library comprehensive list of resources and programming by category (i.e. Basic banking, Credit & Debit management, Estate Planning, Savings, Identity Theft, Investing, Kids and Money, Retirement planning, Teens and Money, and many others).

The Department of Banking mission is to protect users of financial services from unlawful or improper practices by requiring that regulated entities and individuals adhere to the law, assuring the safety and soundness of state chartered banks and credit unions, educating and communicating with the public and other stakeholders, and promoting cost-efficient and effective regulation.

The Office of the State Treasurer aims to improve the financial literacy of Connecticut residents.  Financial education programs and related links are provided on their web site. 

The Consumer Finance Protection Bureau site offers resources for librarians including program ideas, a partnership guide, links to web resources, marketing materials and free print materials, and monthly webinars for librarians.

The Connecticut Partnership for Long-Term Care is a program of the Office of Policy and Management.  The Connecticut Partnership provides public forums and programming on long-term care and protection of your assets/investments.

The Connecticut Money School (CMS) is a project of the Connecticut Association for Human Services and five nonprofit partners.  They provide free financial education classes for adults and seniors with topics such as Debt, Saving, Credit, Loans, Homeownership and Senior Issues.  They also have a free, online financial education program called "Financial Avenue" that teaches adults and young adults the keys to financial success.

For those interested in children's programming, ALA’s Association for Library Services to Children (ALSC) is a supporter of the Money as You Growwebsite which has age-appropriate financial lessons and activities for each age group.  ALSC has created a recommended list of books for libraries for the Money as You Grow program.

Additional organizations and resources compiled by Connecticut State Library staff.

Programming Ideas from Connecticut Libraries

 Click here for financial programming ideas and to see what programs have been planned by Connecticut libraries for Money Smart Week.

Other Resources

Using social media as part of Money Smart Week.  This is an archive of a webinar conducted by the Chicago Federal Reserve.

Connecticut Money Smart Week discussion list.

National Money Smart Week discussion list.



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