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Library Lines 5/10/01 by Mary Rindfleisch
A service of the Connecticut State Library and your local library

If you're still smarting from calculating your state income tax bill, the Ridgefield Library has some news that should help ease your pain a little. Thanks to public funds appropriated in 2000, we are proud to announce the launch of the Connecticut Digital Library, known as "iCONN." According to State Librarian Kendall Wiggin, "our goal for the Digital Library is to provide immediate, free access to timely and reliable full-text information. Most important, we want to provide that access at each citizen's desktop, whether that's at home, the office, at their library or at school. This is a Digital Library that will support not only the educational and economic interests of Connecticut citizens, but their cultural and personal interests, as well."

Ridgefield Library visitors can explore the databases of the Connecticut Digital Library via the menus on many of our Public Access Computers. From other computers, simply point your browser to www.iconn.org. Click on "Resources for the Public," "Resources for Schools," or "Resources for Colleges," and you will be offered a relevant selection of fulltext databases from the Gale Group, a highly respected and reliable information provider. Choose the resource that fits your need and interest, then click on "Access from Home/Office." You will need your library card barcode number to log on, so make sure your card is handy and up-to-date.

Here's a taste of what you will find at the iCONN site:

  • The reQuest Statewide Library Catalog allows users to search over 300 library collections in Connecticut simultaneously. Also available are direct, real-time links to the catalogs of many individual libraries and consortia and links to library homepages across the state.
  • The State of Connecticut website and a special "About Connecticut" area answer almost any question you might have about the history, government, services, and resources of your state.
  • Infotrac is a multi-source, curriculum-based reference resource available in customized versions for elementary, middle and high schoolers (includes journals, news articles, almanacs, maps, and more).
  • Expanded Academic ASAP features full-text periodicals covering all academic concentrations for the serious researcher.
  • Business & Company Resource Center offers comprehensive company and industry information to help you keep on top of the rapidly changing economic situation.
  • General Reference Center Gold is a multi-source general interest reference tool. Try this one for reviews and author interviews for the next meeting of your book discussion group.
  • Health & Wellness Resource Center offers medical information for health professionals and general readers, such as medical encyclopedias, health news, and a drug and herb database.
  • What do I Read Next? is a reader's advisory tool which helps readers of all ages find suitable and appealing books (especially fiction), based on criteria such as genre, setting, style, and character type. While not restricted to the holdings of the Ridgefield Library, this is a great place to start when you want to find "readalikes" for a favorite book or author.
  • ¡Informe! features full-text Spanish-language and bilingual periodicals.

Visit the Connecticut Digital Library today and see what a great return we are all getting on your tax investment!

*** Mary Rindfleisch is Adult Services Librarian at the Ridgefield Library. She may be reached in the Library's Fiction Room at 438-2282 or at MFRind@biblio.org.

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