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National Poetry Month
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These resources will be freely available in the month of April.

EBSCO - Poetry & Short Story Reference Center

Access with username csl and password csl

This database contains selected works of major and minor American and English poets, along with international poetry with representation from each continent (accompanied by English translations, when available); Plays and Speeches; Short Stories and Classic Books; Biographies; Critical Analyses; Contextual Essays and Explications for important works; Essays on Poetic Forms, Terms, Techniques and Movements; Multimedia / Audio & Video of poets reading their works; and interviews from reputable sources like the Academy of American Poets, the Poetry Foundation and MacNeil/Lehrer Productions.

ProQuest - iCONN ProQuest Trial  

Scroll down to Literature Online and "Collections" for large volumes of poetry. These resources are cross-searchable in Literature Online: African American Poetry, African Writers Series, American Drama 1714–1915, American Poetry, Annual Bibliography Of English Language And Literature, 1920– (Abell), Canadian Poetry, Early American Fiction 1789–1850, Early American Fiction 1789–1875, Early English Prose Fiction, Eighteenth-Century Fiction, English Drama, English Poetry, English Poetry, Second Edition, The Faber Poetry Library, King James Bible, Mla International Bibliography, Nineteenth-Century Fiction, Twentieth-Century African American Poetry, Twentieth-Century American Poetry, Twentieth-Century Drama, Twentieth-Century English Poetry.

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