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By Anita R. Barney
A service of the Connecticut State Library and your local library

July 22, 2005      The Brookfield Journal

One Click Away

We all know that there's more information available online than any of us will ever use. But do you know how to find it?

One of the best-kept secrets is iConn.org, the Connecticut Digital Library. iConn (www.iconn.org) is a collection of databases (business, health, news, homework help) that anyone with a Connecticut library card can use. But wait . . . there's more! If you go to iConn and click on Additional Resources, you'll find a wealth of information just waiting for you.

Do you want to file a complaint about a healthcare provider? The online complaint form is in the "Health" section, along with a comparison of nursing homes, a list of licensed physicians, and a list of actions taken against individuals and organizations licensed by the Department of Public Health. Would you like to read a study of the economic impact of Bradley Airport? You'll find it in the Connecticut Economic Digest under the "Government" heading.

If you're in the mood for art, but you don't want to drive, click on Yale Art Gallery Collections in the "Art and Literature" section. Looking for a job? The "Job Searching" section offers a choice of four web sites to help. I had fun playing with the UConn Plant Database (in the "Other" section). You can specify conditions, bloom time, and height, and up pops a selection of plants to suit your requirements.

The "History" section is a great place to find information about the state, historic patents, a World War I Veterans Database, and even a database of Connecticut Ships from 1789 - 1939. Need a list with links to all of the state's online newspapers? It's tucked into the "Other" section.

Click on "Research Resources" to go to the Connecticut State Library's resources, where you'll find statistics about the state, crime, the economy, education, health, and social indicators. There are sections on government, genealogy, maps and geography, public policy, and even weather.

These are wonderful resources, and all available to you at no cost, other than your Internet connection, electricity, and computer. Come to the library and use our connection to really save money!

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