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    If you would like to save the PowerPoint file and open it locally you can do so by clicking with the right mouse button on the PowerPoint link and selecting the "save as" option from the menu. The HTML version of the file is best viewed in Internet Explorer.
  • Downloadable Audio Books (CECA CASL Conference 2012) (PowerPoint - 1.28 Mb)
  • Marketing Presentation (HTML) (PowerPoint - 8.86 Mb)
  • "Library at your Fingertips: Exploring iconn.org" (HTML) - a presentation by Shelley G. Roseman, Library Director, University of Connecticut at Waterbury Campus
  • iCONN and CMT/CAPT (CASL/CECA Panel Presentation)
  • Keynote at iCONN Kick-off Conference - Kendall Wiggin, State Librarian

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