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Remote Help
Assistance Using the Connecticut Digital Library Outside the Library or Off Campus
A service of the Connecticut State Library and your local library

To access all iCONN resources from outside the library or from off-campus

Access to iCONN is restricted to Connecticut residents, and students and teachers in Connecticut schools and colleges.

To access the restricted public library and school library resources from outside of the library:

  • You must have a Connecticut public library card and be a Connecticut resident or a student or teacher in a Connecticut school.
  • If you do not have a library card, or your library card number does not work, contact your local Connecticut library.

To access the restricted college library resources:

  • You must be a Connecticut college student or faculty member.
  • From off-campus, use your college library proxy server or enter your college library card number.  To determine which method applies, check your college listing in Access From Off-Campus.  For additional assistance, contact your college library.

When you click the "Try This!" button, the system will look at your computer's IP (Internet) address to determine if you are in Connecticut.

  • If the system is able to determine that your IP address is from Connecticut, you will proceed directly to the Keyword Search screen.
  • If the system cannot determine that you are in Connecticut, you will have to login with your library card number.

    Note: When you log in using the "Try This!" button, you will not have access to your library's "Request This Item" button if your library offers that service. To have access to this service, you must login by entering your library card number.

    For information about how iCONN uses your IP address and library card number, please see the Privacy Policy.
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