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January 17, 2002

The Bad News and Some Good News about Magazines at Silas Bronson Library

Because of our dire budget situation, the library has had to cancel dozens of subscriptions to popular magazines and professional journals. Among those are:

  • Antique Trader Weekly
  • Antiques, The Magazine
  • Baseball Digest
  • Billboard
  • Bon Appetit
  • Christian Science Monitor
  • Essence
  • Field and Stream
  • Fine Woodworking
  • Gourmet
  • JAMA
  • Progressive
  • Saturday Evening Post
  • Seventeen
  • Village Voice
  • Vogue

The good news is that articles from many of these magazines, newspapers, and journals are available in Full Text from the Connecticut Digital Library, www.iconn.org. They can be accessed from any computer hooked up to the Internet. Librarians and patrons use iconn.org/CT Digital Library here all of the time. The lack of this resource would be nothing short of a catastrophe to this library. As the Connecticut Digital Library is funded by the State of Connecticut, we urge all users happy with this critical resource to let their state representatives know how important it is to all residents of CT, and especially to patrons of underfunded libraries like SBL, to maintain or even expand resources available on CT Digital Library.

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