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Statewide Reports

  • iCONN Views FY 2013 – By Resource and By Library Type (PDF – 63kb)
  • iCONN Views FY 2012 - By Tier, By Resource, and By Library Type (PDF - 109kb)
  • iCONN Views FY 2011 - By Resource and By Library Type (PDF - 198kb) (Excel - 40kb)
  • iCONN Views FY 2010 - By Resource and By Library Type (PDF - 36kb) (Excel - 32kb)
  • iCONN Searches and Views FY 2009 - By Resource and By Library Type (PDF - 20kb) (Excel - 44kb)
  • iCONN Searches and Views FY 2009 - Specialized Report: Newspapers Only - By Newspaper and By Library Type (PDF - 304kb) (Excel - 16kb)
  • iCONN Searches and Views FY 2008 - By Resource and By Library Type (PDF - 16kb) (Word - 36kb)
  • iCONN Searches and Views FY 2007 - By Resource and By Library Type (PDF - 48kb) (Word - 88kb)
  • iCONN Searches and Views 2007 - By Library Type (PDF - 20kb) (Word - 252kb)
  • iCONN Searches 2002-2006 - Total and By Library Type (PDF - 28kb ) (Word - 32kb )
  • iCONN Searches 2002-2006 - By Resource and Library Type (PDF - 24kb )
  • iCONN Searches 2002 - 2005 with Federated Search Implementation Notes (PDF - 33kb) 
  • iCONN's earliest statistics: FY 2001 (July 1, 2000 - June 30, 2001)
  • Lending requests filled through the statewide library catalog (reQuest) FY 2001 - FY 2010

How to Access Your Library's iCONN Usage Reports

  • For Schools and Public Libraries (PDF - 72kb ) (Word - 43kb)
  • For Academic Libraries (PDF - 83kb ) (Word - 37kb )

Help on Usage Reports by Vendor


  • Archived Webinar: EBSCOadmin Reports and Statistics (runs about 40 minutes, can view/stream or download the presentation)
    Note: iCONN-specific archived webinar coming late summer 2013
  • Help Sheet: EBSCOadmin Best Practices: Reports and Statistics - Word document (3 pages, 365kb)
  • Tutorial: EBSCOadmin Reports and Statistics - Video (runs about 5 minutes, includes captions, requires Flash) or PowerPoint (501kb)
  • See list of "EBSCO Databases Provided by iCONN" below.


For more help and support on Usage Statistics...

Statistics about iCONN - FYI and for your reports
        (updated Oct. 29, 2013)

  • Number of databases in iCONN: 40 (Note: Does not include reQuest, multiple user interfaces to a single resource, or resources freely available on the Web)
  • Number of e-reference books in iCONN: 4589
  • Number of digital audio books in iCONN: 2218

EBSCO Databases Provided by iCONN:

EBSCO Publishing: Academic Search Premier
EBSCO Publishing: Biography Reference Bank (H.W. Wilson)
EBSCO Publishing: Biography Reference Center
EBSCO Publishing: Book Collection Nonfiction: Elementary School Edition
EBSCO Publishing: Book Collection Nonfiction: High School Edition
EBSCO Publishing: Book Collection Nonfiction: Middle School Edition
EBSCO Publishing: Connecticut Digital Collections*
EBSCO Publishing: ERIC
EBSCO Publishing: GreenFILE
EBSCO Publishing: History Reference Center
EBSCO Publishing: iCONN Downloadable Audiobooks**  
EBSCO Publishing: Legal Information Reference Center
EBSCO Publishing: Library, Information Science & Technology Abstracts
EBSCO Publishing: MainFile
EBSCO Publishing: MAS Ultra - School Edition
EBSCO Publishing: MasterFILE Premier
EBSCO Publishing: Middle Search Plus
EBSCO Publishing: Newspaper Source Plus
EBSCO Publishing: Primary Search
EBSCO Publishing: Professional Development Collection
EBSCO Publishing: Referencia Latina
EBSCO Publishing: Science Reference Center
EBSCO Publishing: Teacher Reference Center
EBSCO Publishing: TOPICsearch
ProQuest Company: Hartford Courant Historical (1764 - 1922)***
ProQuest Company: Hartford Courant, The***
ProQuest Company: National Newspapers Core***

For Academic Libraries only:
EBSCO Publishing: CINAHL with Full Text
EBSCO Publishing: PsycINFO

* This database is for Connecticut Digital Collection records that appear in EBSCO.
** This database is for OneClickdigital records that appear in EBSCO.
*** This database is for ProQuest records that appear in EBSCO.
To get 'Views' we sum these EBSCO Database Fields:
Total Full Text Requests
Abstract Requests
Smart Link To Requests
Smart Link From Requests
Custom Link Requests

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