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Take a Free Ride on the Connecticut Digital Library
A service of the Connecticut State Library and your local library

Dear Colleague;

I would like to suggest that you catch a ride on the new Connecticut Digital Library on the web at www.iconn.org. This extensive electronic library resource is a joint project of the Connecticut State Library and the Department of Higher Education, funded by the General Assembly at a cost of two million dollars a year. iCONN is a step toward providing equity in accessing information for teachers and students in all Connecticut schools. Here is a library that's open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with no fees. It can be accessed from school, from home and from any public library. Check with your library media specialist or principal to make sure your school is registered. To access from home all that is needed for authentication is an ID number from a valid public library card.

iCONN provides extensive, quality online information from standard reference resources, periodicals both popular and academic, newspapers (including full text Hartford Courant & New York Times) and library catalogs. Information is available on a variety of subject for all grade levels. As the library media specialist at Middletown High School I have found my students, from 9th graders to seniors in AP classes using iCONN to locate reliable information to complete assignments and locate materials in other libraries. A detailed listing and description of all the databases is available on the iCONN site.

Of special note is a database for teachers called the Professional Collection. This database contains over 300 full-text journals for teachers and administrators, updated daily, in the following areas: arts and humanities, child and adolescent psychology and development, drug and alcohol abuse, health/nutrition/fitness, learning disabilities, literature, school law, science and technology, social sciences and sports/athletic training.

So from home or school access www.iconn.org. At the site choose the bright yellow school bus for a free ride on iCONN - Connecticut's new electronic library.

Jane Tonn, Middletown Federation of Teachers

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