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iCONN Downloadable Audio Books Tips & Tricks
A service of the Connecticut State Library and your local library

All iCONN downloadable audio book users please note: New downloadable audio book platform effective October 1.

iCONN's Ingram (MyiLibrary) downloadable audio book collection will migrate to a new platform: OneClickdigital (Recorded Books) effective October 1. After a quick one-time account setup, you will be able to download all titles from a variety of publishers to supported devices. For information about what will become of the Ingram platform after October 1, click here.

Go to iCONN's NEW downloadable audio books site.

See the links below for information about the new service and how to use it.

Help (video tutorials)


Player Tutorial

Devices supported

User e-mail support: support@oneclickdigital.com



What will become of the Ingram service after October 1?

  1. What will become of titles on users' bookshelves at the end of the day 9/30?
    ANSWER: Users will not be able to access their bookshelves at all after 9/30. The titles will just go away.

  3. Will titles users have downloaded to their computers before the end of the day 9/30 be available for transfer to their devices?
    ANSWER: If the title is already downloaded to their computer, they should be able to transfer it to a device any time prior to the expiration date of that checkout, because once it is downloaded to the computer, the transfer process doesn’t need to access Ingram's servers.

  5. What will become of user holds placed on titles before 9/30?
    ANSWER: All holds will be cancelled.

  7. Will there be any required return procedure for titles checked out prior to 9/30?
    ANSWER: No. Ingram will expire these on their end.

  9. Do you recommend users uninstall the Ingram Media Manager from their computers after their use of Ingram downloadable audio books ceases beyond 9/30? If yes, what steps (PC and Mac) do you recommend they follow?
    ANSWER: Yes, this is recommended. For PCs, the user should go to their Control Panel -> Add/Remove Programs, then find the Ingram Media Manager (IMM) program and Un-Install it. For MAC users, simply locate the IMM file in their Applications folder and delete it.

  11. What will happen to the web link to iCONN's Ingram downloadable audio books (http://connstatelib.myilibraryaudio.com/) after 9/30?
    ANSWER: It will cease to function.

Last updated: 9/30/2011

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