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reQuest Updating Schedule
This is a guideline as to which processes occur daily, weekly, monthly, and annually
A service of the Connecticut State Library and your local library


  • All online cataloging transactions (through WebCAT) are indexed and visible in the PAC instantaneously.
  • Records that are merged daily from the OCLC FTP service (including CatExpress records) are indexed on Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays and are visible in the PAC on the day following the indexing.
  • Records without holdings (with the exception of records with 856 fields) are removed from reQuest on a weekly basis.


  • The Government Documents database, which is integrated into the main reQuest database, is updated on a monthly basis.
  • Libraries using Auto-Graphics' Verso ILS (ASP) automatically have their records loaded into reQuest at the end of each month.
  • Holdings of the Connecticut Judicial Branch Law Libraries are updated in reQuest at the end of each month.
  • Individual libraries and networks are encouraged to submit their libraries' holdings to reQuest on a monthly basis or as often as possible. Records are loaded into reQuest as received each evening.  The reQuest database is indexed Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays at midnight. Therefore records received by Auto-Graphics should be visible in reQuest within five days.


  • The Connecticut Union List of Serials (CULS) database is normally updated twice per year and integrated into the reQuest Magazine/Serials Catalog.
  • Authority Control is run over the reQuest database once per year in July/August. This process updates the name and subject authority headings in the records. The process is done offline and then records modified in the process are merged back into the database. All data loads are stopped until Authority Control is finished.
  • 019 processing (cross-referencing of 001 and 019 fields) is run over the reQuest database once per year in July/August.  This is used to accurately match all new, incoming OCLC records with existing OCLC records to avoid duplication of records.

For more information about updating reQuest, contact Gail Hurley, Statewide
Library Catalog Coordinator Telephone: (860) 704-2222 or toll free (888) 256-1222

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