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Why Use reQuest ILL
A service of the Connecticut State Library and your local library

Your patrons will benefit from reQuest ILL

  • reQuest ILL is easy to use.
  • The system is available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.
  • Your patrons will have access to material in other reQuest libraries.
  • Some reQuest libraries' holdings are not in OCLC and reQuest ILL is the best way to access their collections.
  • The reQuest catalog is constantly being updated so patrons are requesting from current information.
  • Patrons can fill out Interlibrary Loan request forms from home.
  • Patrons do not have to type bibliographic information into a request form; the information is transferred with the request.
  • reQuest ILL can be used both for book and photocopy requests.
  • The system allows both the patron and the librarian the ability to track a request.

Your staff will benefit from reQuest ILL

  • Library staff does not have to re-key patron information.
  • reQuest ILL allows both the patron and the librarian the ability to track a request.
  • Library staff can use a blank ILL form to send a request for material that is not in the reQuest database.
  • The system will route a request to potential lenders.
  • You can use a default list of lenders or you can set the list of lenders to include preferred libraries you use most frequently.
  • You can set the system to send requests to other libraries unmediated.
  • Your local call number is on each lending request.
  • The system collects statistics for reporting to the State Library.
  • It's cost effective. The fixed price structure means the price per request goes down each time borrow or lend on the system.

For more information on reQuest Interlibrary Loan, contact:
Stephen Cauffman, Interlibrary Loan Coordinator
Telephone: (860) 704-2223 or toll free (888) 256-1222

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