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Connecticut Union List of Serials (CULS)
A service of the Connecticut State Library and your local library

What is it?

CULS is a database of journal and newspaper holdings for more than 400 libraries in Connecticut. It is maintained at OCLC but is accessible through the reQuest Magazine Catalog. There are approximately 60 thousand records and 150+ thousand holdings in the reQuest Magazine Catalog.

The reQuest Magazine Catalog is current as of January 21, 2015.  It is updated twice per year in January and July..

How do I search CULS through reQuest?

The best way to search for a journal or newspaper to see which libraries in CT subscribe to it is to go to iconn.org. In the "Find books, DVDs and more" search area, click on the tab for "Magazines/Journals".  Type your title in the search box and choose  "Journal Title" from the "All Headings" drop-down box. Click search and look at your resulting list of titles. Click on the title to see the full record. The bottom of the record will display the list of libraries in CT that subscribe to the title along with a summary holdings statement of their coverage of the title. (Note: if you have an ISSN number, this will be a more precise search than journal title)

Did you know that there are electronic links in many of the reQuest journal records that will take you to the journal table of contents and/or full text articles from iCONN and other resources?

Click here to search reQuest..

How do I contribute/update my library's serials holdings?

Libraries with access to OCLC may update their holdings directly on OCLC. Libraries without OCLC access may send their update information to Gail Hurley at iCONN through the printable forms below, or by excel spreadsheets or other library records.

CULS Forms -- use these forms to add/delete titles or change holdings.

  • Add Form (PDF)
  • Change Form (PDF)
  • Delete Form (PDF)

I forget what my OCLC symbol is. How do I find this? Click here to do an OCLC Participating Institutions Search.

How do I get a list of titles that are in CULS for my library?

The Local Holdings Offline Product is available from OCLC. Individual libraries can order a tab delimited file of all of the local holdings they currently have in WorldCat from the OCLC website at https://www3.oclc.org/app/lhop/.

Once produced the tab delimited file will be available for download from the Product Services Web [http://psw.oclc.org/] and can be imported into a spreadsheet package. If your library has more than 20,000 local holdings records, multiple files will be provided with up to 20,000 records in each file. There is no charge for this report.  If you do not have an OCLC authorization or password to pick up your report, you can email OCLC when they send you the report to ask for a temporary authorization/password to use to get the report.

A Quick Reference guide is available online at http://www.oclc.org/us/en/support/documentation/localholdings/offlinepro duct/lhm_offlineproduct_quickref.pdf and covers the order process, how to download the file, and information on how to import the file into Microsoft Office Excel.

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For questions, contact Gail Hurley, Statewide Library Catalog Coordinator, Connecticut State Library Division of Library Development - iCONN.  Gail.Hurley@ct.gov 860-704-2222 or toll free in CT 888-256-1222. Fax: 860-704-2228.

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