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CT Digital Collections
A service of the Connecticut State Library and your local library

About the Digital Collections

The following 4 collections may be searched individually, or together by clicking on the link below that reads, "Search All Collections at Once." You may also use the "Find Articles" search box on the iCONN search page to find items from these digital collections.

Search All Collections At Once

Connecticut History Online (CHO) is a digital collection of over 15,000 digital primary sources, together with associated interpretive and educational material. Now in its tenth year, CHO is embarking on a collaboration with the Encyclopedia of Connecticut History Online (ECHO) to serve the needs of scholars, K-12 and post-secondary teachers and students, genealogists, and the general public. This new initiative builds upon a very successful collaboration of libraries and museums carried out in two IMLS National Leadership grant-funded phases (1999-2007) that focused on digital capture of historical artifacts, including photographs, maps, broadsides, oral histories, manuscripts and oral histories. These document events, people, and places that are part of the fabric of Connecticut and American social, business, political, educational, cultural, and civic life.


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Connecticut State Library's Digital Collections materials come from the Connecticut State Library, and the State Archives, and include court documents, law and legal materials, photographs of buildings and structures, farms, roads and bridges, and more. The documents and photographs are representative of the history and genealogy of Connecticut, and the business of state government and range from 1631 to the present day.


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Newspapers of Connecticut

The Newspapers of Connecticut collection is a sample collection of approximately 80 historical newspaper titles covering the various regions, perspectives and topics of the Civil War era in Connecticut. Included in this collection is the Connecticut War Record from 1863-1865.


Treasures of Connecticut Libraries is a joint project of the Connecticut State Library and the Library Connection Inc. network.

Collection of more than 1700 items from Connecticut libraries and their partnering institutions. Items include Civil War letters, historical photographs, postcards, pamphlets, films and more. New items from CT libraries are added on an ongoing basis.


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