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iCONN's Advantages Relative to Free Web Search Engines
A service of the Connecticut State Library and your local library in partnership with the Department of Higher Education.

iCONN has resources you can depend on
Whether you are looking for family history, information about a career change, biographies of your favorite actor, author or musician, homework help, or legal information, iCONN’s library resources can help you find information not available on the web — trusted content from reliable sources.

  • Overview (Video – "Real Searching with iCONN.org")
  • Quality / Trustworthy Content
    • Licensed Databases
      • High-quality articles licensed from reputable publishers
      • More than 6,600 full-text magazines and journals, and over 127 million articles not available on the open Web
      • No ads, no viruses, no access fees and no one tracking what you search
      • Search results are not filtered by your past searches or geographic location
      • Limit search results to professional, peer-reviewed, scholarly literature
      • Narrow search results by subject, publication date, publication title, type of document and more
      • All articles are easily citable in approved formats
      • View, save, print and email citations in approved formats for chosen articles
      • Export citations in approved formats to citation management systems
    • Statewide Library Catalog (reQuest)
      • A unified, searchable catalog of more than 400 Connecticut libraries
      • Patrons from over 210 participating libraries can place interlibrary loan requests for items of interest and track their status
      • Physical delivery system (C-car)

  • Alignment of K-12 Content to Common Core State Standards
    • Ability to limit search results to articles within a specified Lexile range (Lexile is a more precise measure than "reading level" (basic, intermediate, advanced))

  • Privacy Assurance
    • iCONN does not retain search history (for any length of time)
    • iCONN does not use your interactions with the service to develop a profile of you (e.g., to share with advertisers)

  • Ad-Free
    • iCONN.org is entirely non-commercial and exists solely to serve the information needs of Connecticut’s residents, students, teachers and researchers.

  • Safe Searching
    • No Filtering Needed
    • Virus-Free!

  • Spam-free

  • No Filtering
    • Search results are not filtered

  • E-Journal Finder
    • Quickly find full-text magazine and journal titles available through iCONN

  • Customer Service

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