Committee on conference
If the House and Senate ever disagree, a small committee made up of senators and representatives - from both sides of the issue - works to create a compromise. This is a committee on conference. In Connecticut, these committees are very rare. This is because all committees are joint committees; House and Senate members have worked together to create the bills and have worked out many differences in committee already.
  1. There are two ways that a conference committee can be created:

    • A chamber amends a bill which is then rejected by the second house. If the first chamber readopts the amendment, a conference committee is created by default.
    • Sometimes joint standing committees give joint favorable reports to different versions of the same bill. If the House and Senate vote on different versions of the same bill, a conference committee may be created to sort out the differences.
  1. The conference committee creates a report which is either rejected or accepted by the House and Senate.