Resources and Bibliography
This is a bibliography of the resources we used in making this course, as well as a recommended reading list for anyone who would like to learn more about the Connecticut legislative process.

Connecticut General Assembly home page. State of Connecticut. Updated daily.

  • This is the official web site for the general assembly. This website hosts the daily General Assembly documents, including the Bulletin, House and Senate Lists of Bills, Journals, and Calendars. Use this site for up-to-date information on what's going on at the General Assembly. You can follow current legislation using the bill tracking function, or search past bill history. You can also research legislators, committees, legislative offices, state statutes, and more.

"This Is Your General Assembly." Joint Committee on Legislative Management. Connecticut General Assembly web site. State of Connecticut.

  • Reading this six-page guide to General Assembly procedures and members will reinforce what you learn in this course. Plus you can find out how much money Senators and Representives make.

Law and Legislative Reference Department of the Connecticut State Library. 860-757-6590

  • Free and open to the public, this is the place to go to research the Connecticut legislature. The library has the only paper collection of committee public hearing transcripts (going back to 1899) and House and Senate debate transcripts (from 1945 to present). The State Library also has paper bill files for every bill from 1911 to present. All General Assembly publications like annual Legislative Indexes and Summaries of Public Acts can be found at the library, as well as physical archives of the Bulletin, List of Bills, House and Senate Journals and Calendars.
  • The Law and Legislative Reference Department is but one part of the Connecticut State Library. Other library resources includes online research databases, Departments of History and Geneology, Government Information, State Archives, Public Records, The Library for the Blind, and the Museum of Connecticut History.

Connecticut State Library Bill Room. 860-757-6550

  • The State Library Bill Room provides information on the status of current Connecticut state legislation and supplies copies of pending and current legislation upon request.

Satter, Robert. Under the Gold Dome: An Insider's Look at the Connecticut Legislature. New Haven: Connecticut Conference of Municipalities, 2004.

  • This book gives an insider's perspective to how the legislative process really works in Connecticut. Judge Robert Satter has had a range of first-hand experience with the Connecticut General Assembly, as a state representative, lobbyist, and general counsel, and later as a state court judge and teacher. This book is perfectly accessible for beginner, and for those already familiar with the legislative process, the accounts of Satter's personal experiences and anecdotal details make it a fascinating read.

Swanson, Wayne R. Lawmaking in Connecticut: The General Assembly. New London: Connecticut College, 1984.

  • Although the most recent edition of this book was published in 1984, the information in Lawmaking in Connecticut is perfectly relevant to today's legislature. Its well-organized and clear format help beginners get a grasp on how Connecticut's laws are made, step by step.