Your first step
The person who represents you in the state government is your State representative or senator.
  1. Try to get to know your representative or senator on a personal basis before you have a problem or concern. If they know the person behind the problem, you may get better attention.
  1. Also, a group of people vocalizing the same concern is better than just one. Maybe a grassroots organization in your community already exists which has ideas similar to you about changing the state's laws; maybe your union (if you're in one) is interested in this issue already. The state chapter of a national organization like the National Heart Association, the Sierra Club, or the NAACP might be a place to go to find other people in Connecticut who are interested in your ideas.
    1. People who try to influence lawmaking are called lobbyists. Any member of the public can be a lobbyist. Many nonprofit public interest organizations, as well as businesses, hire people to be lobbyists as well.