Connecticut State Library with state seal

State Library Board Minutes

State Of Connecticut, Record Of Proceedings
State Library Board
May 22, 2000

Ann Clark, Larry Kibner, Judge Francis Hennessy, Joy Hostage, Judge Joseph Flynn, Jack Short, Edmund Sullivan, Edwin E. Williams, Fred Petersen

Robert Gallucci, Mollie Keller, Comm. Ted Sergi

Others Present
Kendall Wiggin, Jane Beaudoin, Sharon Brettschneider (State Library), Jacqueline R. Sima, Ann Wrege, Emmett Shutts, Nelle Mohrzynski (Cheshire Public Library) Michael Golrick (CLA), Pamela Bombara (CLSUs/CRLC), Anita Barney (CLSUs/WCLC), Richard Lowenstein (ACLPD)

The meeting was called to order at 1:15 p.m. by Chairperson Clark. Ms. Clark thanked the Cheshire Public Library and Joy Hostage for hosting this meeting. The Cheshire Public Library Board Chair, Emmett Shutts and Director Ann Wrege were introduced, as well as Board members Jacqueline Sima and Nelle Mohrzynski. Mr. Shutts and Ms. Wrege made welcoming remarks.

Ms. Clark also welcomed Board member Fred Petersen who was recently re-appointed to the State Library Board by Senator Eads. Board member Jack Short joked that he would like it on the record that he will not contribute to another parting gift should Mr. Petersen leave the Board again.


Public Comment

State Librarian's Report
Ann Clark congratulated Ken Wiggin on the accomplishments of this last legislative session. Mr. Wiggin thanked all the library organizations and the Board for their support and for the cooperative working relationship he is experiencing with them.

Ken Wiggin reported that the State Library has received notification that Connecticut is eligible to participate in Round 4 of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation's State Partnership Grant Program for public libraries. Mr. Wiggin and Sharon Brettschneider, Director of the Division of Library Development, will be going to Seattle, Washington to participate in this State Library Grant Application Workshop. Attendance by the State Librarian at the entire workshop is required in order to be eligible to submit an application.

Mr. Wiggin stated that a representative from the Connecticut Library Association and the State Library will participate on the Commission for Education Technology which has been established by Public Act 00-187.

Mr. Wiggin is still waiting to hear from the Office of Policy and Management in order to move forward on the lease for the Van Block building. Mr. Wiggin is concerned that with this delay, the landlord may find other options for that building's use.

Public Act 00-146 (the "historic documents" H.B. 5178) is waiting for Governor Rowland's signature. The Public Records Administrator's office is already working on how to implement this major new program. The State Library will be collecting the revenue generated from this program and will need to develop regulations relating to the grant portion of the program.

The State Library is pleased to have been given funding for extended operating hours as well as weekend hours for the Museum of Connecticut History. Mr. Wiggin met with Judicial staff to discuss the security necessary for the extended hours. It is hoped that the Museum will be able to operate with its weekend hours as soon after July 2000, as possible. The additional library hours will most likely start in the Fall.

On May 11-14, The State Library hosted a State Documents Librarians' Conference. The site of the Conference was the Hartford Hilton and included a tour of the State Library and Museum as well as a reception in Memorial Hall. Ken Wiggin commended State Library Documents Librarian Al Palko for a successful job in organizing the conference.

Mr. Wiggin directed the Board's attention to the publication in their packets entitled
Subject Guide to the Hartford Circus Fire, July 6, 1944. This publication is a product of the Office of the Public Records Administrator and State Archives. There were many compliments from the Board on this publication. Board member Ed Sullivan stated that he read the document thoroughly and was extremely impressed with it. Mr. Wiggin joined the board in commending everyone involved in the production of this publication, in particular, Archivist Nancy Shader.

Sharon Brettschneider reported that the State Library was fortunate to get $2 million this past legislative session for the Digital Library. This funding will be put in the Department of Information Technology's budget to be allocated equally to the Connecticut State Library and the Department of Higher Education. Funding for the Digital Library will be administered by the State Library in conjunction with the Department of Higher Education. Ms. Brettschneider will be getting out an RFP as soon as possible.

Other Reports
Connecticut Library Association (CLA): Michael Golrick, President of the Connecticut Library Association reported that this year's Connecticut Library Association's Conference was a huge success. The record attendance this year was 1,060. Mr. Golrick credited the Co-Chairs, Mary Engels and Pat LaTerza on a great job organizing the event.

CLA has launched a marketing effort to target people of color to stimulate interest in the librarian profession. This message can now be seen on billboards and bus signs. Urban areas were purposely chosen to display advertisements. The CLA logo is now on T-shirts. Ken Wiggin can be seen on the CLA webpage wearing one of these T-shirts.

The CLA Legislative Committee participated in Legislative Day in Washington.

Mr. Golrick invited the Board to a reception honoring Lt. Governor Jodi Rell on June 5, 2000 at 3:00 p.m., at the State Capitol. The Lt. Governor will be given a Library Advocacy Award. Mr. Golrick stressed that it was critical for the State Library Board members to attend. Later in the year a similar award will be given to Senator Kevin Sullivan. There are no details yet on this. Mr. Golrick stated that this was his last report to the State Library Board as CLA President as his term is ending. Jay Johnston will be the new CLA President. Mr. Golrick thanked the Board for their attention and support. Board Chair Ann Clark thanked Mr. Golrick for his enthusiasm and hard work throughout his term as President.

Advisory Council for Library Planning and Development (ACLPD): Dick Lowenstein, ACLPD Chairman, distributed a document entitled "Guidelines for the Issuance of Continuing Library Education Certificates" which was put together by the Advisory Council's Task Force on Structure and Policy.

Mr. Lowenstein expressed his concern on the problem of filling ACLPD membership vacancies, specifically in the area of Library Users. Mr. Lowenstein stated that any assistance the Board can provide with this would be greatly appreciated. In addition to the User vacancies, Mr. Lowenstein has now received a letter of resignation from ACLPD member Leo Flanagan. Mr. Flanagan, who must resign to tend to issues at the Silas Bronson Library where he is Director, will leave a void in ACLPD's Nominations Committee and Budget Task Force Committee. Board member Jack Short commended Dick Lowenstein for his work as Chair of ACLPD.

Cooperating Library Service Units (CLSU): Pam Bombara and Anita Barney reported on CLSUs most important service, discount programs. This discount program service is coordinated by the Eastern Connecticut Libraries. These discounts pertain to library supplies as well as books and library materials. Examples of cost savings on library materials were presented.

Association of Connecticut Library Boards (ACLB): Sharon Brettschneider reported that ACLB is in the process of planning an all-day Leadership Conference on September 22, 2000, in Southbury.

Advocacy Committee: Board Member Larry Kibner reported that all advocacy efforts since the last Board meeting have been geared towards legislators. Ann Clark stated that she received a phone call from one of the Deputy Majority Leaders about the extended hours at the State Library. It is important that we now look for inclusion in tourism. There is a possibility that the League of Women Voters can include the State Library in their tours. Ken Wiggin and Larry Kibner are working on preparing information packets, which will eventually be distributed.

Sharon Brettschneider, Director of the Division of Library Development, and Lynne Newell, Director of the Information Services Division, met with the public relations firm for the State Lottery. The firm wants to focus on the good things that state government does. They would like to single out libraries and more specifically focus on an employee of a library. The goal is to tell people that the money from non-winning lottery tickets goes into the general fund which helps fund a wide variety of services.

Friends: Jack Short reported that he was pleased that the CLA Conference went very well. The Friends of Connecticut Libraries used the conference as a vehicle for the Friends' 20th Anniversary celebration Dinner. The Friends are concentrating on their advocacy work. Mr. Short encouraged the Board to become Friends members and distributed membership applications.

Old Business
FY 2000-2001 Biennial Budget/Legislation: Mr. Wiggin distributed a budget planning calendar for March 2000 - October 2000. Mr. Wiggin reviewed it with the Board and informed them that the State Library is waiting for the Office of Policy and Management to determine dates for final budget preparation. Ms. Clark stated that a meeting of the State Library's Finance Committee should be scheduled soon.

State Library Board Retreat: Ann Clark stated that dates being considered for the retreat are August 7, 8, 10 and 11th. Ms. Clark ask the Board members to call Jane Beaudoin before the end of May. Ed Williams asked that the Board consider holding the retreat at Enders Island in Mystic. Ms. Clark stated that if there were any other suggestions to please let Jane Beaudoin know.

New Business

Board member Jack Short commended Mr. Shatkin for an outstanding job and pointed out that Mr. Shatkin's publications were very clear and concise. Mr. Wiggin added that Leon Shatkin has been very responsive to the library community and will be greatly missed. The State Library is fortunate to have Mr. Shatkin return to work, under contract, in order to assist in getting this year's grants out.

Approval of the Revised State Library Board Bylaws: Ann Clark thanked Judge Hennessy for spearheading the revision of the Bylaws. Judge Hennessy stated that the revisions address technical problems and clarify language. It was MOVED (F. Hennessy) seconded (L. Kibner) THAT THE STATE LIBRARY BOARD ADOPTS THE AMENDMENTS TO THE BYLAWS AS PROPOSED BY THE BYLAWS COMMITTEE AND THAT THE SECRETARY BE AUTHORIZED TO CORRECT ARTICLE AND SECTION DESIGNATIONS, PUNCTUATION, CROSS REFERENCES AND TO MAKE SUCH OTHER CHANGES AS MAY BE NECESSARY TO REFLECT THE INTENT OF THE BOARD IN CONNECTION WITH THESE AMENDMENTS. PASSED with 1 abstention (E. Williams)

Other Business
Board member Jack Short referred to the article in the May 2000 American Libraries magazine article entitled The Librarian and Mr. Jeeves. The article talks about the decline in reference questions in libraries, the increasing use of the Internet and commercial reference services and the impact this will have on libraries Mr. Short feels that this could have tremendous cost implications for the State Library.

Board member Ed Sullivan was very pleased to report that his new book entitled Campaigning for James Michael Curley is now published. Mr. Sullivan had a copy of his new book which the Board members were very anxious to review.

Ann Clark concluded the meeting by emphasizing the Connecticut Library Association's June 5th reception honoring the Lt. Governor. Ms. Clark encouraged everyone's attendance.

At 2:35 p.m it was MOVED (F. Hennessy) seconded (F. Petersen) THAT THE MEETING BE ADJOURNED. The next meeting is scheduled for Monday, July 24, 2000, at 1:15 p.m. (lunch at 12:30 p.m.) in the Attorney's Conference Room.

Respectfully submitted,

Kendall F. Wiggin, Secretary
Jane Beaudoin, Recorder