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State Library Board Minutes

State Of Connecticut, Record Of Proceedings
State Library Board
May 21, 2001

Ann Clark, Mollie Keller, Larry Kibner, Joy Hostage, Jack Short, Edmund Sullivan, Fred Petersen, Judge Joseph Flynn

Betty Sternberg, Judge Francis Hennessy, Edwin E. Williams

Others Present
Kendall Wiggin, Jane Beaudoin, Lynne Newell, Dean Nelson, David Corrigan, Howard Miller, Rich Kingston, J. Bonnie Delaney (State Library), James Genco, Jack Shannahan, David Kahn, Christopher Collier, Brenda Milkofsky (Museum Advisory Comm.), Anita Barney (CLSU)

Chairperson Clark called the meeting to order at 1:15 p.m. Board member Ed Sullivan addressed the Board. Mr. Sullivan thanked the Board for their contribution to Suffield's Kent Memorial Library in honor of his belated wife and thanked the Board for their support and condolences during his very difficult time.

Ann Clark welcomed back Board member Joy Hostage from her around the world travels. Ms. Clark circulated a letter from former Board member Bob Gallucci who thanked the Board for the resolution passed in his honor at the last meeting. Ms. Clark also congratulated Sharon Brettschneider, Director of the Division of Library Development, on the graduation of her daughter from Bryn Mawr College.

The minutes of the March 26, 2001, Board meeting were approved.

Public Comment

State Librarian's Report
Mr. Wiggin stated that he had nothing to add to his written report. Mr. Wiggin also stated that he will be addressing legislative and budget matters later in the meeting. Questions were welcomed.

Sharon Brettschneider, Director of Library Development, offered a demonstration of iCONN. Ms. Brettschneider also distributed iCONN information packets. iCONN provides online access to information resources in public libraries, schools, colleges universities and in homes. iCONN is part of the Connecticut Education Network and is administered by the State Library in conjunction with the Department of Higher Education. Registration for iCONN use by libraries schools, colleges and universities is done online. Individuals do not need to register to use their library card barcodes to access iCONN..

Board member Jack Short commended Sharon Brettschneider and all the staff involved in this project. Ann Clark also commended and congratulated Ms. Brettschneider and all involved for making this project a reality.

Other Reports
Connecticut Library Association (CLA): No report at this time.

Advisory Council for Library Planning and Development (ACLPD): Ms. Brettschneider reported that ACLPD met in April. All of the items addressed in that meeting were information items only. No action was taken. ACLPD will meet again in June.

Cooperating Library Service Units (CLSU): Anita Barney reported on Public Programming Services provided by Southern Connecticut Library Council (SCLC). SCLC has a Public Programming Catalog that lists thousand of programs and performers that are pre-screened. Discounted prices are offered by the service providers in return for being listed in the catalog. The CLSUs pay Southern Connecticut Library Council the user fee for this service, which was once paid by libraries. Grants are sought by SCLC to underwrite programming costs. Schools and Libraries can apply for grants from the Commission on the Arts and Music Performance Trust Funds.

Association of Connecticut Library Boards (ACLB): No report at this time. Mr. Wiggin informed those in attendance that Phil James, President of the Association for Connecticut Library Boards and also a Connecticut Heritage Foundation Board member, is very ill. Anyone wishing to send Mr. James a card may do so, however, Mr. James is not receiving visitors.

Advocacy Committee: Board member Larry Kibner reported that he has met with Ken Wiggin several times. Mr. Kibner stated that he has been busy working with the Finance Committee while Ken Wiggin concentrated on the Appropriations Committee. Mr. Kibner emphasized the importance of the State Library having a Legislative Liaison in its Advocacy Plan. Mr. Kibner encouraged the Board to support this position for next year and stated that perhaps someone who is already on staff could do this job. Board Chair Ann Clark agreed that a Legislative Liaison position was indeed necessary.

Friends: Board member Jack Short reported that this is a very busy time for the 120 Friends groups around Connecticut. There are many book sales in progress. The Annual Meeting is coming up in June.

Museum Advisory Committee: Jack Shannahan, Chair of the Museum Advisory Committee introduced himself and asked that all the other members of his Committee also introduce themselves. Mr. Shannahan distributed a copy of Sec. 11-6a, the statute that establishes the Museum Advisory Committee. Mr. Shannahan explained why a Museum Advisory Committee became necessary. Mr. Shannahan expressed the concerns that the Museum Advisory Committee has about the operation of the Museum. There was discussion on the lack of signage around the building as well as the lack of brochures and publicity for the Museum. Board member Fred Petersen stated that it was a collective effort to get the Museum open on the weekends, and that is now a reality. He further stated that it is now necessary to work together to make the public aware of the Museum's new hours. It is important to get more visitors on the weekends. Mr. Petersen stated that he appreciates the Museum Advisory Committee's presence at State Library Board meetings and stated that it is very important to have dialogue.

Old Business
FY 2000-2001 and FY2002-2003: Mr. Wiggin reported that he and Larry Kibner have been meeting with key legislators in an effort to increase the book budget. Ken Wiggin, Rich Kingston and Sharon Brettschneider met with the Office of Policy and Management's key legislative person to address CCAR. There is a proposal to outsource the CCAR program. The final appropriations bill does not fund the CCAR program. Mr. Wiggin encouraged the Board members to let him know if they would like to talk with their legislators about the State Library's book budget and the CCAR program and he will provide more information for them.

The Governor's budget included a provision to outsource CCAR, but the Appropriations Committee's budget does not. Mr.Wiggin expressed his concern that the proposed budget does not address the need to improve CCAR services.

The State Library has finished hiring the complement of librarians needed for Saturday and Tuesday evening hours. The next step is to hire Library Technical Assistants for circulation and archives retrieval before the extended hours can be implemented.

Mr. Wiggin stated that the State Library's new biennial budget is addressed in his written State Librarian's Report.

Legislative Update Mr. Wiggin updated the Board on the Cultural Heritage Bill. Mr.Wiggin encouraged the Board to speak wth their legislators. He would be happy to give Board members more information about the bill.

New Business
History on the Move: Board member Fred Petersen stated that the subject of History on the Move began at a Connecticut Heritage Foundation meeting when Ken Wiggin asked, "How do we relate our program to school children?" The program would take Artifacts, copies or duplicates in the collection to schoolchildren throughout Connecticut. The Museum of Connecticut History has a tremendous amount of information on exhibit and we need to share it with the children of Connecticut. The members of the Connecticut Heritage Foundation have put together a packet to use when talking to potential sponsors. The Foundation's function is to raise corporate dollars to make programs like History on the Move possible. If the State Library and the Museum of Connecticut History can run History on the Move for two years on a corporate funded basis, then it can go to the legislature and request continued funding for a successful program. The estimated budget to run History on the Move for two years is $200,000. The Connecticut Heritage Foundation has received no commitments as of this date, however, the Foundation will be talking with several more corporations. Geno Auriemma is now an Honorary Director of the Connecticut Heritage Foundation and is very committed to helping achieve its goals. Mr. Auriemma has already done a wonderful public service announcement for the State Library and Museum of Connecticut History and is now going to host a Corporate Partners Breakfast in Memorial Hall on May 30 at 8:00a.m. Mr. Auriemma is very interested in our mission and is offering his time free of charge.

Mr. Petersen itemized what the $200,000 would fund for this new program.

Ms. Clark stated that this item was put on the agenda so that the Board could be brought up to date with the work of the Connecticut Heritage Foundation. The efforts to get the History on the Move program up and running are full speed ahead.

The Museum of Connecticut History's "Towards the Museum's Centennial Projects List": It was immediately MOVED (F. Petersen) seconded (J. Short) to amend the motion as presented to read THAT THE STATE LIBRARY BOARD WILL TAKE UNDER ADVISEMENT, IN COOPERATION WITH THE MUSEUM ADVISORY COMMITTEE, "TOWARDS THE MUSEUM'S CENTENNIAL: NECESSARIES AND DESIRABLES" (FEBRUARY 2001, VERSION) AS THE CORE "VISION" FOR THE MUSEUM OF CONNECTICUT HISTORY. Discussion followed. Jack Shannahan stated that there are many issues that have needed to be addressed for the Museum. These issues include brochures, signage and publicity. Mr. Wiggin stated that he is looking into the brochure matter and would like the Museum staff to provide clearer images of the photos that are on the brochure recently made by Museum staff. Mr. Wiggin and Rich Kingston are scheduling a meeting with the appropriate Judicial staff to revisit the signage issue. Mr. Nelson stated that new exhibit cases are necessary to not only display more items from the collections but to better display them. Board member Mollie Keller stated that she hopes the Centennial Projects List is not an exhausted one, as it does not include women, children or social history. Fred Petersen suggested that a few members of the State Library Board work with a few members of the Museum Advisory Committee to better define the Museum's project list. The amended motion was PASSED unanimously.

Need for Insurance Appraisal of Museum's Gilbert Stewart Portrait of George Washington: Dean Nelson reported that the Gilbert Stewart Portrait of George Washington was loaned to the Old State House in 1979. At that time, the loan was a one-year agreement. Mr. Nelson stated that the label on the portrait reads that the portrait is on permanent loan. Mr. Nelson is sure that is not what the loan agreement states. After a brief question and answer period, it was generally agreed that the State Library should exercise all appropriate channels to protect its property interests. The State Library Board will help with whatever is needed in this matter.

Approval of Intellectual Property Policy: Ken Wiggin reported that the State Library's Executive Committee convened a task force made up of agency staff to address all aspects of intellectual property. Julie Schwartz, Unit Head of Government Information Services, chaired this task force. On November 14, 2000, the task force presented their report to the Executive Committee which included an outline for an Intellectual Property Policy. The Executive Committee has approved the proposed policy and is now seeking Board approval. Mr. Wiggin answered questions raised by Board members. Judge Flynn asked questions about the need for such a policy and had concerns about the language of the policy. Ann Clark welcomed more specific language. Judge Flynn suggested that the State Library Board reserve the right to restrict certain information and documentation that is restricted by deed of gift or private interest state law or regulations or other rights (copyright, trademark) or other operation of law. Fred Petersen suggested that this matter be held in abeyance until legal counsel can review it. It was agreed that the approval of the Intellectual Property Policy would be tabled until the next meeting of the Board. Mr. Wiggin will take this matter back to his Executive Committee and will also meet with Judge Flynn to get more feedback from him.

Other Business
Board member Joy Hostage reported that while cruising around the world she was very impressed with the availability of the Internet and the access to information that it provides. Ms. Hostage stated that in her travels she found many Internet cafes that are very popular and also inexpensive to use. Board member Jack Short shared a booklet entitled Helping Yourself To A Good Night's Sleep, which is put out by the National Sleep Foundation. Mr. Short picked this booklet up while attending a meeting at the John Dempsey Hospital. Mr. Short highly recommends this booklet.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:08 p.m. The next meeting is scheduled for Monday, July 23, at 1:15 p.m. (lunch at 12:30 p.m.) in the Attorney's Conference Room.

Respectfully submitted,

Kendall F. Wiggin, Secretary
Jane Beaudoin, Recorder