Connecticut State Library with state seal

State Library Board Minutes

State Of Connecticut, Record Of Proceedings
State Library Board
July 26, 1999

Robert Gallucci, Mollie Keller, Judge Francis Hennessy, Jack Short, Edmund Sullivan, Edwin E. Williams, Larry Kibner

Ann Clark, Joy Hostage, Hazel McGuire, Judge John Ronan, Comm. Ted Sergi

Others Present
Kendall Wiggin, Jane Beaudoin, Lynne Newell, Rich Kingston, Sharon Brettschneider, Eunice DiBella, LeAnn Johnson, Mark Jones, Mary Louise Jensen, Dean Nelson (State Library), Michael Golrick (CLA), Betsy Bray (Cora Belden Library), Louise Bailey (Mansfield Library), Pam Bombara (CLSU)

The meeting was called to order at 1:15 p.m. by Vice-Chairperson Ed Sullivan.

It was MOVED (E. Williams) seconded (M. Keller) TO APPROVE THE MINUTES OF THE May 24, 1999 BOARD MEETING AS SUBMITTED. PASSED unanimously.

Public Comment

State Librarian's Report
Ken Wiggin stated that he had nothing to add to his written report. Mr. Wiggin circulated a thank you card from former Board member Mary Etter. Mr. Wiggin introduced Public Records Administrator Eunice DiBella. Ms. DiBella informed the Board that the Records Management Manual has been updated and is now being distributed. Ms. DiBella explained that the last update of this manual was done in 1986.

Other Reports
Connecticut Library Association (CLA): Michael Golrick stated that he has recently assumed the Presidency of CLA but has yet to chair an Executive Board meeting. One of the focuses of his presidency will be diversity. He hopes to establish relationships with the Black Librarian's Caucus and Reforma which is the National Association to promote library services to the Spanish speaking community.

Advisory Council for Library Planning and Development (ACLPD): Sharon Brettschneider stated that the Advisory Council met last month. A major item that was addressed is the formation of a committee to examine the structure of public library grants for a more direct way to distribute grants. The Advisory Council is currently working on a charge for this committee. Ms. Brettschneider also stated that there are open nominations for the Council which will be brought before the State Library Board at their September meeting.

Cooperating Library Service Units (CLSU): Pam Bombara updated the Board members on the Cooperative Acquisitions Program which is coordinated by Eastern Connecticut Libraries on behalf of the four CLSUs and all their members statewide. This program gives all types of libraries a significant discount on paperback books, trade titles as well as media materials. Ms. Bombara distributed two discount schedules. One schedule was for books and the other was for media.

Association of Connecticut Library Boards (ACLB): Sharon Brettschneider stated that Mary Engels of the Middletown Library Service Center has been planning workshops which are co-sponsored by the ACLB. These workshops have been very well attended by library trustees.

Advocacy Committee: Larry Kibner, State Library Board Advocacy Committee Chairperson, stated that he, Ed Sullivan and Hazel McGuire make up this Committee. They will be scheduling their first meeting soon. Mr. Kibner distributed a Proposed Advocacy Plan document which he prepared for the Board's review and discussion at the September meeting. Mr. Kibner also stated that in order to increase the Board's visibility he has arranged for the September meeting to take place at the Meriden Public Library. It was agreed.

Friends: Jack Short stated that the Friends Annual Meeting was held at the Welles Turner Memorial Library in Glastonbury on June 12. At the Annual meeting, awards were presented to the Friends of the Farmington Library, Woodbury Public Library and the Meriden Public Library for their Fundraising efforts. Awards were also given to the Friends of the East Hampton Library and Cheshire Public Library for their Advocacy efforts.

Old Business
Status Report on the FY99 Budget and Update on FY2000-2001: Rich Kingston distributed a document which compared the State Library's last six years of budget activity for the general fund only. He explained each line item and answered questions from the Board. Ken Wiggin added that there is no extra money in the book budget. A serious concern of Mr. Wiggin is that construction grants awarded by the State Library Board to public libraries are not getting on the Bond Commission's agenda. This delays the actual release of the funds to the libraries who are ready to begin their construction. Mr. Wiggin hopes to meet with the Office of Policy and Management (OPM) this summer to look into other options. Jack Short stated that this is a very serious situation. Mr. Short suggested that the Board pursue this with the Governor's office. Mr. Wiggin responded that he would like the Connecticut Library Association to explore how influential the Governor's office is with determining the Bond Commission's agenda. It is Mr. Wiggin's understanding that OPM puts the projects forward to the Bond Commission but they do not determine the Bond Commission's agenda. Bob Gallucci stated that he would be willing to write to Lt. Governor Rell about this since he is the librarian in her home town of Brookfield. Mary Louise Jensen added that Mansfield, Bridgeport and East Granby are the towns whose libraries have been waiting for their grant the longest.

Coltsville Heritage Park: Ken Wiggin informed the Board that he and Dean Nelson met with two individuals who are interested in creating a Museum of Industry at Coltsville Heritage Park. Dean Nelson added that they are planning on having a hands-on industrial history museum. This meeting was an exploratory one to evaluate potential involvement with the museum.

New Business
Resolution for Barbara Wilson: LeAnn Johnson, Supervisor for the Records Center read the Resolution for Barbara Wilson. Ms. Wilson was a very special and well-liked employee of the Records Center who passed away unexpectedly. It was MOVED (J. Short) seconded (E. Williams) THAT THE MEMBERS OF THE CONNECTICUT STATE LIBRARY BOARD UNANIMOUSLY AND ENTHUSIASTICALLY ACKNOWLEDGE BARBARA WILSON's YEARS OF DEDICATED SERVICE TO THE STATE OF CONNECTICUT AND EXPRESS THEIR SINCERE CONDOLENCES TO HER FAMILY, FRIENDS, AND COLLEAGUES. PASSED unanimously.

Approval of Extension of State Public Library Construction Grant (#119-SC-98) for the Cora Belden Library: Mary Louise Jensen explained that the Cora Belden Library has raised their local funds and is now finalizing their construction plans to go out to bid. Ms. Jensen introduced Ms. Betsy Bray, Director of the Cora Belden Library. Ms. Bray didn't have anything to add to Ms. Jensen's report but thanked the Board for their consideration. It was MOVED (J. Short) seconded (E. Williams) THAT THE STATE LIBRARY BOARD APPROVES THE CORA J. BELDEN LIBRARY's EXTENSION OF THE DEADLINE TO INITIATE ITS PROJECT FOR THE $48,000 STATE PUBLIC LIBRARY CONSTRUCTION GRANT TO NOVEMBER 29, 2000. PASSED unanimously.

Approval of Extension of State Public Library Construction Grant (#078-SC-97) for the Mansfield Library: Mary Louise Jensen explained that the Mansfield Library received a grant in November of 1996 in the amount of $282,380 and then were awarded an additional grant in the amount of $217,620 in November of 1997. The Bond Commission has not yet approved the release of funds for the second grant awarded to the Mansfield Library. Mansfield is seeking an extension of this grant to October 25, 2000 in hopes that the Bond Commission will have approved it by that time. Ms. Jensen introduced Louise Bailey, Director of the Mansfield Library. Ms. Bailey stated that Mansfield has been actively speaking to legislators and publishing letters in the newspapers as an advocacy effort to move this grant through the Bond Commission. Board member Jack Short stated that he would like to see the paper documentation on this grant. Mr. Short stated that as an appointee of the Governor he would be willing to address this matter at that level. It was MOVED (J. Short) seconded (L. Kibner) THAT THE STATE LIBRARY BOARD APPROVES MANSFIELD LIBRARY's EXTENSION OF THE DEADLINE TO INITIATE ITS PROJECT FOR THE $282,380 STATE PUBLIC LIBRARY CONSTRUCTION GRANT TO OCTOBER 25, 2000. PASSED unanimously.

Deaccession of the Comstock Covered Bridge Model, made in 1975; accession #1989.79: Dean Nelson reported for Jack Shannahan, Chairperson for the Museum Advisory Committee. Mr. Nelson explained that the Museum acquired the bridge model at the request of former Governor O'Neill. The bridge model is made of wood from the actual Comstock Covered Bridge but was not intended to be an accurate representation of the bridge. The bridge model is currently on loan to the Chatham Historical Society who have requested it be transferred to them permanently. Museum staff feel the model is more relevant to the East Hampton/Colchester area where the actual bridge is. They are recommending approval of the deaccession of the Comstock Covered Bridge Model and its donation to the Chatham Historical Society. It was MOVED (E. Williams) seconded (F. Hennessy) THAT THE STATE LIBRARY BOARD APPROVES THE DEACCESSION OF THE COMSTOCK COVERED BRIDGE MODEL AND ITS DONATION TO THE CHATHAM HISTORICAL SOCIETY. PASSED unanimously.

Connecticut State Library Staff Recommendations for FY00 Library Service and Technology Act Grants: Sharon Brettschneider explained that State Library staff have done an extensive review of seventy-seven (77) LSTA grant applications requesting a total of $685,856. $305,000 was allocated for the LSTA competitive grant program in FY00. The deadline for the submission of applications was June 1, 1999. Applications were sought for grants in the following categories: Program Grants categories were Children in Poverty, Collection Development, Family Literacy, Innovative Programs, Outreach Programs for Children. The Technology Grant categories were Adaptive Technology and Internet Access. Grants totaling $308,464 in FY00 LSTA funds are being recommended for approval. Ms. Brettschneider answered questions from the Board. Ms. Brettschneider explained that those libraries who are being denied their grant request are notified and also told why they are being denied. State Library staff are also willing to work with libraries that are denied grants in order to help them better meet the established criteria. It was MOVED (F. Hennessy) seconded (E. Williams) THAT THE STATE LIBRARY BOARD ACCEPTS THE RECOMMENDATION FOR THE ALLOCATION OF $308,464 IN FY00 LSTA FUNDS AS FOLLOWS: CHILDREN IN POVERTY - Aldrich Free Public Library (Plainfield) $18,444, COLLECTION DEVELOPMENT - Bethel Public Library $4,300, Silas Bronson Library

(Waterbury) $20,000, FAMILY LITERACY - Brooklyn Public Library $10,000, Hartford Public Library $20,000, Mansfield Public Library $12,738, INNOVATIVE PROJECTS - Russell Library (Middletown) $20,000, Milford Public Library $10,000, Monroe Public Library $14,236, Cora J. Belden Library (Rocky Hill) $11,500, Sherman Library Association $10,000, OUTREACH PROGRAMS FOR CHILDREN - Killingly Public Library $16,219, Manchester Public Library $15,000, New Hartford Memorial Library $20,000, The Ferguson Library (Stamford) $14,890, Willimantic Public Library $15,254, ADAPTIVE TECHNOLOGY - Saxton B. Little Free Library (Columbia) $6,526, Hartford Public Library $7,300, Killingly High School $10,056, Killingly Public Library $4,569, Russell Library (Middletown) $5,000, New Hartford Memorial Library $4,656, Thompson Middle School $2,283, INTERNET ACCESS - Andover Public Library $1,602, Burnham Public Library (Bridgewater) $2,000, East Granby Public Library $2,000, East Lyme Library $1,600, Fairfield Public Library $2,000, Hamden Library System $2,000, Fletcher Memorial Library (Hampton) $2,000, Hartland Public Library $2,000, Jonathan Trumbull Library (Lebanon) $1,600, Richmond Memorial Library (Marlborough) $1,442, Public Library of New London $1,880, Wheeler Library (North Stonington) $2,000, Preston Public Library $2,000, Cora J. Belden Library (Rocky Hill) $2,000, Salem Free Public Library $2,000, Stonington Free Library $2,000, Union Free Public Library $1,600, Warren Public Library $2,000, Silas Bronson Library (Waterbury) $1,769. PASSED unanimously.

Approval of the Transfer of State Archival Records to the Ruth A. Haas Library at Western Connecticut State University: State Archivist Mark Jones explained to the Board that the State Archives acquired records in 1986 that provided extensive history of the Western Connecticut State University. At that time the University did not have room to store these records. The acquisition of these records was intended to prevent their destruction. Ralph Holibaugh, Director of the Western Connecticut State University's Library Services Division, has requested the return of these records in order to assist him in writing a commemorative history of the university. It is the intention of the University to develop a university archives, and given that they would better serve the needs of researchers by being available at the university, a permanent transfer of these records is being requested. The Office of the Public Records Administrator and State Archives are recommending to the State Library Board that this permanent transfer be approved. It was MOVED (L. Kibner) seconded (E. Williams) THAT THE STATE LIBRARY BOARD APPROVES THE TRANSFER OF LEGAL AND PHYSICAL CUSTODY OF RECORD GROUP 160 FROM THE STATE LIBRARY TO THE RUTH A. HAAS LIBRARY AT WESTERN CONNECTICUT STATE UNIVERSITY. PASSED unanimously.

Return of State and Federal Library Construction Grants (003-FC-95 and 003-SC-95) from the Babcock Library (Ashford): Sharon Brettschneider reported that the Babcock Library in Ashford will not be able to begin their construction project and would like to return the two construction grants they received. The State Public Library Construction Grant that they were awarded was in the amount of $350,000 and the LSCA Title II Public Library Construction Grant they were awarded was in the amount of $100,000. The State Public Library Construction Grant will be reallocated in the next round of grants in November, 1999. However, with the end of LSCA, the Institute of Museum & Library Services is very anxious to close out existing LSCA Title II Projects which makes it difficult to assign the $100,000 grant to a new construction project. LSCA Title II grants may also be given to support technology enhancements. These enhancements are the acquisition, installation, maintenance or replacement of substantial technological equipment necessary to provide access to information in electronic and other formats made possible by new information and communications technologies. State Library staff are recommending that the grant be reallocated to the enhancement of the reQuest Telecommunications Project. It was MOVED (B. Gallucci) seconded (E. Williams) THAT THE STATE LIBRARY BOARD APPROVES THE REALLOCATION OF THE $100,000 FEDERAL LSCA TITLE II GRANT 003-FC-95 TO THE CONNECTICUT LIBRARY NETWORK TELECOMMUNICATIONS PROJECT. PASSED unanimously.

Special recognition of Members of the General Assembly for Their Work on Behalf of the State Library During the 1999 Legislative Session: Ken Wiggin explained that this item is the result of a meeting he had with Ann Clark and Larry Kibner regarding advocacy. This recognition is for legislators who were open to meeting with the library community and in particular the State Library and also assisted in moving library and budget agenda items forward in the 1999 legislative session. If this matter is approved news releases will be sent out for media coverage. It was MOVED (F. Hennessy) seconded (L. Kibner) THAT THE STATE LIBRARY BOARD PRESENT CERTIFICATES OF APPRECIATION TO SENATORS MARTIN M. LOONEY (DIST. 11), THOMAS (TIM) UPSON (DIST. 15), JOSEPH J. CRISCO, JR. (DIST. 17), AND REPRESENTATIVES ROBERT R. SIMMONS (DIST. 43), SHAWN T. JOHNSTON (DIST. 51), DENISE W. MERRILL (DIST. 54), BRIAN FLAHERTY (DIST. 68), KONSTANTINOS (KOSTA) DIAMANTIS (DIST 79), STEVE FONTANA (DIST. 87), WILLIAM R. DYSON (DIST. 94), PETER METZ (DIST.101), AND JAMES A. AMANN (DIST. 118) FOR THEIR EFFORTS ON BEHALF OF THE STATE LIBRARY DURING THE 1999 LEGISLATIVE SESSION. PASSED unanimously.

Center for the History of Law, Courts and Justice: Ken Wiggin reported that he had a meeting with Mr. Martinez, Community Outreach Coordinator for the Judicial Department, as a follow-up to Judge Leuba's letter regarding a plan to develop a Center for the History of Law, Courts and Justice. Mr. Wiggin stated that this Center is still in the development stages. During the meeting with Mr. Martinez, Mr. Wiggin tried to promote digitizing documents for easy access. There has been no other meetings on this matter to date. Judge Hennessy agreed to watch this effort for the Board.

Report of the Nominations Committee / Election of Officers: Vice-Chair Ed Sullivan read aloud a letter from Ann Clark in which Ms. Clark expressed her gratitude for being allowed to serve the Board as Chair for the past year. The letter also expressed Ms. Clark's desire to serve as Chair for another term. At this point in the meeting Ed Sullivan, who also desires to serve another term as Vice-Chair, left the room so the Board could have free and open discussion. Judge Hennessy, Chair of the Nominations Committee, stated that since the current Chair and Vice-Chair are looking for re-election, they cannot be present. Judge Hennessy MOVED THAT ROBERT GALLUCCI BE ELECTED TO PRO TEM CHAIRPERSON FOR THIS PORTION OF THE MEETING, seconded (E. Williams). PASSED unanimously.

Robert Gallucci called for the report of the Nominations Committee. Judge Hennessy reported that the only names submitted to the Nominations Committee were the names of the incumbent. The term of Chair and Vice-Chair is for one year or until a successor is chosen. It was MOVED (F. Hennessy) seconded (L. Kibner) TO ACCEPT THE NOMINATIONS OF ANN CLARK TO SERVE ANOTHER TERM AS CHAIR AND ED SULLIVAN TO SERVE ANOTHER TERM AS VICE-CHAIR. Robert Gallucci asked for nominations from the floor. Since there were no further nominations the vote was taken and PASSED unanimously.

Other Business
Jack Short circulated a copy of the 1999-2000 SCLC Public Programming Catalog for Schools and Libraries . Mr. Short commended the document as superior and suggested that the State Library Board acknowledge the outstanding work that went into compiling it. It was agreed that a letter on behalf of the Board would be sent to the Southern Connecticut Library Council, in particular, Sheila Wartel, for putting this information together.

Robert Gallucci invited everyone to attend the Legislator of the Year reception which will be held at the Watertown Library on August 5, at 3:30p.m. Representatives Kosta Diamantis and Brian Flaherty will be acknowledged for their work on behalf of the library in the 1999 legislative session.

Mr. Gallucci expressed some concern that the September meeting of the State Library Board falls within the New England Library Association's Annual Conference. Mr. Gallucci stated that he will not be able to attend the next Board meeting for that reason. Vice-Chair Ed Sullivan stated that unless the Board is notified of a change the date will remain as originally scheduled.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:05 p.m. The next meeting is scheduled for Monday, September 27, 1999, at 1:15 p.m. (lunch at 12:30 p.m.) at the Meriden Public Library.

Respectfully submitted,

Kendall F. Wiggin, Secretary
Jane Beaudoin, Recorder