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September 25, 2006

Members present:   Mollie Keller,  Bob Harris, Daphne Deeds, John Barry, Judge Francis Hennessy, Joy Hostage, Mary Etter, Jackie Hemond, Barbara Westwater




Members absent:   Allen Hoffman, Judge Joseph Flynn





Others present:       Kendall Wiggin, Jane Beaudoin, Sharon Brettschneider, Mary Louise Jensen, Lynne Newell, (State Library) Michael Golrick (Bridgeport Public Library), Christine Bradley (CLC)  


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It was MOVED (B. Harris) seconded (J. Hostage) THAT THE MINUTES OF THE July 31, 2006, BOARD MEETING BE APPROVED AS PRESENTED.  The MOTION was PASSED with one abstention. (J. Barry).






Michael Golrick, Director of the Bridgeport Public Library took this opportunity to bring up an issue that he believes is detrimental to public libraries.  Mr. Golrick started by clearly stating that his issue is not intended as a criticism to any State Library staff.  The issue concerns the requirement for contracts with the State Library to be approved by municipal officers outside the library.  This requirement, which the Office of the Attorney General has advised the State Library must be done, delays any consideration or action for a request for weeks at a time.  Mr. Golrick stated that sending the library’s awarded grant funds to the treasurer of the municipality is also an issue because there are times when the check sits without attention.  Mr. Golrick would like the State Library Board to take a stand on requiring municipalities to adhere to Section 11-33 of the statutes which requires funding for the municipal library be put into a library fund.

Mr. Wiggin stated that he will speak with the Attorney General’s office to get an interpretation of the statute.






Mr. Wiggin received a letter from the Mayor of Ledyard which states that they will not be able to use the $500,000 public library construction grant that the Board awarded to the Bill Library.  A second referendum was defeated so the project can not go forward at this time.  Mr. Wiggin stated that the funding will be available for the next round of grants. 

Mr. Wiggin reported that the State Library’s Building Committee met earlier today.  A full report will be presented at the Board’s May 2007 meeting with the hopes that the Board will act on it at its July 2007 meeting. 





Connecticut Library Association (CLA): Ken Wiggin stated that CLA had their Legislative Reception last week and recognized 7 legislators.  The Annual Conference will be at the Convention Center in Hartford.




Advisory Council for Library Planning and Development (ACLPD):  Sharon Brettschneider reported that  there is no report at this time other than the fact sheet that will be acted on later in this meeting. 




Connecticut Library Consortium (CLC): Chris Bradley passed out Info Anytime bookmarks and post-it pads.  The program was launched in August of this year and has already received over 1,100 questions.  Ms. Bradley encouraged everyone to try the service for themselves. 




Association of Connecticut Library Boards (ACLB): No report at this time.




Friends of Connecticut Libraries (FOCL):  Sharon Brettschneider reported for Anita Wilson that the Friends Handbook has been published and distributed to all the Friends groups.  It is on the Friends website as well as the State Library’s website.  Mrs. Brettschneider will send each Board member a copy of the handbook. 




Connecticut Heritage Foundation (CHF):  Mr. Wiggin stated that a meeting is scheduled for October 5, 2006. 






Budget Update:   Mr. Wiggin reported that he is trying to get funding for maintenance and upkeep of the outlying facilities.  Some of the State Library’s budget requests are beyond the normal range of acceptable requests.  Mr. Wiggin is considering requesting an increase in the fee for Historic Preservation.  It would help fund e-government initiatives at the municipal level and at the State Library.


Ken Wiggin and Bob Harris met with Secretary Genuario to see if the Bond fund portion of the book budget could be released.  Mr. Wiggin was given no promises but also was not told no.  Bob Harris stated that he felt optimistic that Secretary Genuario would recommend to the Governor that the funds be released in early 2007.

Budget Update




Legislative Update:  The State Library needs to submit its request for legislative changes soon.  One issue is the language to correct the State Librarian’s signing authority.  There is also an issue with the language for the Museum Advisory Committee membership.  It doesn’t indicate that the Executive Director of the Commission on the Arts can have a designee serve on the Committee.   The Connecticut Library Association is preparing a “watch list” for legislative matters this session.

Legislative Update







Approval of Appointments to the Advisory Council for Library Planning and Development (ACLPD):  Sharon Brettschneider stated that the statutes require that annual appointments to ACLPD be approved by the State Library Board.  Members currently serving have agreed to serve another term.  A successful recruitment for all but 2 positions on the Council was done.  The two positions that still need to be filled are  the library users representatives in regions 1 and 4.  It was MOVED (M. Etter), seconded (J. Hostage) THAT THE STATE LIBRARY BOARD APPROVES THE APPOINTMENTS OF THE FOLLOWING INDIVIDUALS TO THE ADVISORY COUNCIL FOR LIBRARY PLANNING AND DEVELOPMENT FOR A TERM BEGINNING OCTOBER 1, 2006 AND ENDING SEPTEMBER 30, 2008:  MARY ALBRO (LARGE PUBLIC LIBRARIES), LOUISE BAILEY (MEDIUM PUBLIC LIBRARIES), CHARLES GETCHELL (ACADEMIC LIBRARIES), DR. JEAN LOWERY (SCHOOL MEDIA CENTERS), ALBERTA RICHETELLE (PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES), JAMES MCSHANE (SHARED AUTOMATION SYSTEMS), MARILYN PITMAN (INSTITUTIONAL LIBRARIES), BARBARA LEONARD (LIBRARY USER, REGION 2), NANCY BROCHU (LIBRARY USER, REGION 3), CARL NAWROCKI (LIBRARY USER, REGION 6), CANDACE BROWN (CONN. LIBRARY CONSORTIUM) AND CARL ANTONUCCI (CONN. LIBRARY ASSOCIATION).  PASSED unanimously.

Appointments to ACLPD








Extension of State Public Library Construction Grant to the Black Rock Library (Bridgeport): Mary Louise Jensen stated that the Black Rock Library is the State Library’s oldest outstanding grant for the State Library. Ms. Jensen introduced Michael Golrick, Director of the Bridgeport Public Library.  Mr. Golrick gave the history of this construction project. The library is finalizing their drawings and are very close to getting their local funding.  It was MOVED (J. Hostage) seconded (B. Harris) THAT THE STATE LIBRARY BOARD APPROVES THE BLACK ROCK LIBRARY’S EXTENSION OF THE DEADLINE TO INITIATE ITS PROJECT FOR THE $375,000 STATE PUBLIC LIBRARY CONSTRUCTION GRANT TO SEPTEMBER 27, 2007.  PASSED with one abstention (M. Keller)

Grant Extension

Black Rock Library






Approval of All Staff Day:  Ken Wiggin stated that All Staff Day has become an annual event.  This is an opportunity for State Library Staff to meet in one place for a day.  An interesting agenda is planned which includes a presentation by our new Educational Museum Curator, Patrick Smith.  Mr. Wiggin will be speaking to the staff on where he sees the State Library in the future.  Mr. Wiggin welcomed all the State Library Board members to attend and meet the staff.  It was MOVED (M. Etter) seconded (J. Hemond) THAT THE STATE LIBRARY BOARD APPROVES THAT THE STATE LIBRARIAN CLOSE ALL STATE LIBRARY FACILITIES ON WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 13, 2006, FOR AN ALL STAFF DAY.  PASSED unanimously

All Staff Day








Board member Jackie Hemond stated that she has moved to Ledyard and is now the new Director of Development for the Otis Library in Norwich. 

 Mr. Wiggin reported that the bond referendum was passed for the Guilford Library.






At 1:57 p.m., it was MOVED (F. Hennessy) seconded (B. Harris) TO ADJOURN.  PASSED unanimously.  The next meeting is scheduled for November 27, 2006, at 1:15 p.m. (lunch at 12:30 p.m.) at the Van Block Facility.




Respectfully submitted,








Kendall F. Wiggin, Secretary








Jane Beaudoin, Recorder