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November 28, 2005

This report is prepared bi-monthly in conjunction with the regular meetings of the Connecticut State Library Board. Items to be routinely covered include the following: the significant activities of the State Librarian and the staff, significant administrative decisions affecting the operation of the Library, status reports regarding in-progress activities, information regarding external events having an impact on the Library, media coverage of the Library, and information of general interest to the members of the Board.

The following report by the State Librarian, which will be included in the minutes of the November 28, 2005 meeting of the Board, covers the period of September 27, 2005, through November 27, 2005.

Attached to this report.

Vacancies (State Funded)

  1. Librarian 1 Full Time (Administration) Recruitment in process
  2. Library Aide Part Time 30 hours (Conservation) Recruitment in process
  3. Library Specialist Full Time (CT Digital Library) Recruitment in process
  4. Museum Curator 1 Full Time (Museum) Recruitment in process

Vacancies (Federal Funds)

Positions filled Since Last Report

  1. Library Aide (LBPH) Part Time 30 hours - Brianne Johnson
  2. Library Aide Part Time 30 hours (Archives) Cheryl Bruno Filled 11/28/05

Librarian 1 Full Time (Durational) (Conservation)


Governor Rowland Portrait
What started out as a call from the Governor's office in response to a reporter’s question about any plans to hang a portrait of Gov. Rowland in Memorial Hall, turned into a busy two weeks or so. The original story appeared in the Journal Inquirer. Various papers and TV stations then picked up the story and began making inquiries of their own. I learned through the press that the Governor’s office was leaving the whole issue up to the State Librarian. The questions raised in the press reports were 1) should the state appropriate funds for a portrait as had been past practice and 2) should there be a portrait in Memorial Hall. The appropriation of funds for a portrait rests with the Legislature and we steered clear of that discussion. The State Library has not been involved in the commissioning or funding of the portraits. As to the whether or not there should be a portrait or not, Museum Administrator Dean Nelson and I agreed that the portrait is part of the historical record and as such one should hang in Memorial Hall. As the story progressed we became aware of a portrait at Harkness Memorial State Park. It seemed reasonable to me that if a portrait existed in the state’s custody and if it was well enough executed we should hang it along with the other portraits. Dean Nelson and David Corrigan from the Museum went to Harkness and viewed the portrait. It was agreed that the painting would be suitable to hang in Memorial Hall. I also had conversations with the Department of Environmental Protection (state parks are part of DEP) who agreed to transfer the portrait to the State Library. We are now in possession of the painting. A number of paintings have to be re-hung to make room for the new portrait. Once that work is completed the portrait will be hung without any fanfare. Mrs. Rowland has also contacted me. She expressed a concern on the part of Governor Rowland as to what the plaque on the portrait might say. I explained that we merely record the dates of service. Mrs. Rowland would also like to see a better portrait in the future.

231 Renovations
The Judicial Branch’s plans to take the State Library mailroom and supply room and convert them into more office space for the Supreme Court have gone into high gear quite unexpectedly and with great disruption to the State Library staff. What should have been an orderly process of converting a portion of the cafeteria into the mailroom and then moving the mailroom turned into a chaotic situation. We in fact had in writing how the move was to take place. Instead we were given a week to move the mailroom into a temporary space totally inadequate for our needs. The cafeteria (once open to staff and the public) was closed and the cramped meeting room had to be turned into a break room for staff only. The renovation has caused the air handling for the Public Records Office and the Automation Office to be abruptly cut off. Some temporary portable air conditioners have been placed in the office areas, but they are inadequate and I have requested that the air quality be monitored. The supply room had to be hurriedly emptied. Staff is to be commended for their cooperation during this stressful time.

Forced Closing
So that improvements to the electrical supply for 231 Capitol Avenue can be made, power to the building will be off much of January 28th and 29th. This will require the State Library to close on Saturday, January 28th.

All Staff Day
Tuesday, November 1st was a glorious Fall day for this year’s All Staff Day which was held at the Keeney Memorial Cultural Center in Wethersfield. In the morning Ralph Braithwaite from the Limitless Consulting Group conducted a program on “Improving Communication in a Diverse Workforce.” In the afternoon I presented 2010: a vision for the future CSL. The talk focused on the challenges and opportunities we face in a rapidly changing information environment constrained by federal and state budgets. Sharon Brettschneider talked about the various continuing education opportunities available to staff through WebJunction Connecticut. I also reviewed a number of important policies that the Governor wants employees to be aware of including Internet and email use and ethics. The day ended with the presentation of 25 longevity awards representing a combined 455 years of service to the State of Connecticut.

Information Services Division
Richard Scholz Library Technician - Law/Legislative Reference
Glenn Sherman Library Technical Assistant - Collection Management
Stephen Slovasky State Library Unit Head - Cataloging
Mel Smith Librarian 2 - History & Genealogy
Robert Turo Auxiliary Worker - LBPH
Vernalyn Thomas-Green Library Technician - Cataloging
Kristi Finnan Office Assistant - H & G
Janis Lefkowitz Library Specialist 10/6/89 – Law/Leg Reference
Bradley Tenan Library Technical Assistant - LBPH
Rose Hill-Berrios Office Assistant - Collection Management
Nancy Lieffort Librarian 2 - Government Information Services
Pamela Mann Library Technical Assistant - Law/Legislative Reference
Cheryl Schutt Library Specialist - Law/Legislative Reference
Administrative Services Division
Cheryl Bocwinski Fiscal Administrative Officer - Fiscal Services
Beth Barrett Data Processing Technical Specialist 1 - Automation Unit
Jenifer Miller Purchasing Services Officer 1 - Fiscal Services
Judy Borre Fiscal Administrative Officer - Fiscal Services
Ellen Morrison Secretary 1 - Fiscal Services
Don Wynne Material Storage Supervisor 2 - Mail, Receiving and Supplies
Division of Library Development
Timothy Boland Maintainer/Connecticar Driver - Connecticar
Al Deyorio Maintainer II - Connecticar
Kris Golden Library Technical Assistant - WLSC
State Librarian’s Office
Jane Beaudoin Executive Secretary


Accomplishments/Division News

New Web documents on the CSL Web site are:

Delivery of the new Reading Room furniture will be delayed until May, or as soon as the Judicial Department is able to order the new carpet for installation.

JSTOR (Journal Storage, the scholarly journal archive) has now supplied the Library with subscriptions to all of its collections at a slightly lower cost than the combined cost of our previous selective collections. This adds the Science collections, the General Science Collection, and the Biological collection to the already available online journals from the Arts and Sciences 1 and 2 and the Business collections. The additional material will be useful for forensic science legal research questions and for engineering research questions.

Two new types of pamphlet binders will be now used to store some of the material previously shelved in acid-free envelopes. Pamphlets may be secured to cover binders with a large, foot-operated stapler, using four different sizes of staples and binders will accommodate various pamphlet thicknesses. A second type of pamphlet binder encloses the item in a four-fold enclosure. The new pamphlet binders will be used for recon material primarily (principally local history at present), but can be used for items from other collections.

The Library has begun to receive DVDs of the broadcasts of the CT-N (Connecticut Television Network). The recordings include Legislative hearings, including Committee hearings; meetings and hearings of State Agencies and Commissions (i.e., FOI Commissioners, C-Card committee, etc.); Connecticut Supreme Court oral arguments; Capitol News Briefings series; Conferences, lectures, workshops, and forums; News conferences, press releases, and announcements; Awards and ceremonies; and, Campaigns, elections, and debates. The DVDs will be kept together and made accessible through several bibliographic records, and possibly through access to a database. The DVDs will circulate to patrons. Patrons will also be able to view and listen to the DVDs on some of the newest public access computers.

Since more and more patrons are using programs and collection materials such as the CT-N DVDs that require sound, the Division will research providing disposable earphones to patrons for use with at least some of the public access PCs.

Aerial photos from 1975 found at Van Block are being inventoried and boxed and will be available to the public shortly.

As a result of June Special Session PA 05-3, the GeoSpatial Information Systems Council, which had been an interim group, is now an official Council. This enables a formal body to investigate and create a geographic information system that can be used by state agencies and municipalities. We are not a charter member; however, Aerial Survey Project Librarian Steve Rice attended the interim Council’s meetings. Steve is now a GIS Reference Librarian, but will continue to be the State Library representative.


LBPH hosted the CLC Services to Older Adults Roundtable on September 13. More than 20 attendees toured the facility and learned about services that the library provides. A video of “What to Do When You Meet a Blind Person” was shown.

LBPH hosted a meeting of the Library’s Advisory Committee on October 18. Director of the Middletown Library Service Center Mary Engels was a guest speaker and spoke to the group about establishing a Friends of the Library group.

Government Documents Librarian Nancy Peluso gave two workshops on “Connecticut State Agency Information of the Internet”, one at the Willimantic Library Service Center on Nov. 3, and one at the Middletown Library Service Center on Nov. 16.

Stack Attendant Kevin Johnson gave two presentations as Civil War Pvt. William Webb, one at Nathan Hale School in Coventry on Oct. 19 and one at Strong Elementary in Southington on Oct. 26.

History & Genealogy Librarian Carolyn Picciano staffed an exhibit table at the Connecticut Society of Genealogists fall workshop on Oct. 14.

Preservation Librarian Jane Cullinane and Government Information Librarian Steve Rice made presentations on the preservation of town documents and on the aerial survey project to the Northeast Document Conservation Center Advisory Committee on Nov. 4.


After the recent episodes of mold outbreak in the stacks, we hope to purchase data loggers through the Historic Documents funds in order to monitor and record the humidity and temperature in the stacks. The monitoring system currently used by Plant Facilities only provides current data, and does not keep any records of past data.

A growing problem is the lack of release of the appropriated bonding allocation for library materials purchases by the State Bonding Commission. We currently have over $160,000 in invoices being held for payment by the bonding allocation. We are hopeful that this item will be on the agenda for the Commission’s December meeting.


Mary Louise Jensen spoke at Essex Library Association’s groundbreaking ceremony on September 22nd. The Essex Library Association received a $500,000 State Public Library Construction Grant.

Steve Cauffman, Interlibrary Loan Coordinator for iCONN, presented reQuest ILL: Recent and Planned Enhancements; Jane Emerson, Database Coordinator, gave a presentation on iCONN federated searching; and Gail Hurley, Statewide Catalog Coordinator, gave an Update on reQuest at the Connecticut Library Association Support Staff Conference on Friday, October 28th at Manchester Community College.

iCONN was exhibited at the annual conference of the Connecticut Educators Media Association on Monday, November 7th . Jane Emerson gave an iCONN update and Steve Cauffman gave a reQuest update to attendees. iCONN also exhibited at the annual conference of the Connecticut Educators Computer Association on Monday, October 24th at the Thomas Edison Magnet Middle School in Meriden.

Jane Emerson gave an iCONN update at the Connecticut Library Consortium symposium on Trendspotting on October 21st.

Jane Emerson gave a tutorial on iCONN basics to attendees of the Southeastern Connecticut Library Media Specialists Roundtable on October 26th.

Jane Emerson provided in-service training on iCONN basics and on Associated Press Photos for Newington Public School library media specialists on November 8th. At the same venue, Linda Williams, Children’s Consultant, presented a 2-hour workshop for middle and high school library media specialists on current trends in young adult literature.

Steve Cauffman gave a presentation to students on interlibrary loan at the Introduction to Library Public Services course at Capital Community College on Tuesday, November 1st.

Bill Sullivan introduced three visiting officials from China to iCONN on October 11. They were the Chief Executive of the People’s Government of Laishan District, the Director General, Jining Culture Bureau; and the Magistrate Attorney, The People’s Government of Linyi County, all of Shandong Province.

Bill Sullivan gave a presentation on WebPAC and CatExpress at the Connecticut Library Association Technical Services workshop at Portland Public Library on November 3rd.

Douglas Lord, LSTA Program Assistant, presented an LSTA mini-workshop at three Connecticut Library Association section meetings and Connecticut Library Consortium Roundtables in September and October He also made a presentation on the Staying Connected Grant activities to the Northwest Connecticut Director’s Roundtable n September.

Douglas Lord also attended E-Rate training at a workshop with the Universal Service Fund in Newark on October 21st.

Susan Cormier, Children’s Consultant, coordinated two workshops on Paws, Claws, Partners, Programs & Possibilities: Summer Reading 2006 on November 16th in Farmington and November 11th in Clinton.

Douglas Lord wrote two articles for Connecticut Libraries on successful Library Service and Technology Act grant projects in Hartford, Thompson. The articles are included in the Board packet.

Douglas Lord attended a Summit on an Aging Workforce in Waterbury in October as part of the division’s work with Services to Older Adults Roundtable.

Douglas Lord, Stephen Cauffman and Sharon Brettschneider attended the Fall Conference for the Chief Officers of State Libraries in the North East on October 24-26th. The conference focused on diversity in libraries and services to the life long learning needs of the baby boomer generation.

Spanish Language Outreach Program
The Connecticut State Library will be participating with WebJunction in a Spanish Language Outreach Program that has been funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The program will train Connecticut library staff to increase their knowledge and skills to better reach out to Spanish speakers in their local communities. The long term goal of the program is to increase the number of Spanish speakers participating in computer training programs and using public access computers in public libraries. It will also involve an online community of interest with best practices for outreach to Spanish speakers and discussion boards for sharing among participating libraries and trainers. A Training Institute for the Trainers will take place in January 2006. Three trainers from Connecticut will participate: Elissa Scudder, Danbury Public Library; Kellie O’Donnell, Hartford Public Library; and Nancy Moscoso-Guzman, New Haven Free Public Library. These trainers will conduct at least three follow-up sessions each in Connecticut between February and August 2006. Total grant funding is $19,800.

Rural Librarians Workshop at PLA
The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the Public Library Association (PLA) are sponsoring a day long conference for rural librarians on March 21st in Boston. The workshop Promoting Public Libraries: Using Data to Effectively Build Support and Funding will be held immediately preceding the PLA Conference. The workshop will focus on providing practical assistance to small, rural librarians who are looking for examples and tactical guidance on how to better advocate for sustaining public access technologies for their patrons. The Foundation asked the State Library to select three rural librarians to attend based on the following criteria: librarians who are committed to providing information technologies for their communities but who are struggling with demonstrating the impact of the library’s public access computing services; librarians of rural libraries that serves 10,000 patrons or less, and; librarians who have not previously attended the PLA annual conference. The three librarians attending from Connecticut will be Deborah Fleet from the Voluntown Public Library, Marion Sheehan from the Canterbury Public Library, and Priscilla Colwell from the Babcock Library in Ashford. Also, Tom Newman, Assistant Director of the Middletown Library Service Center will attend so that the State Library will be able to offer follow-up support to rural libraries. In addition to the free workshop the attendees will have their travel, hotel and registration at the PLA Conference, covered by the Foundation.

New ILS for the Service Centers
The Middletown and Willimantic Library Service Centers have contracted with SirsiDynix for a shared integrated library system hosted by the vendor. The Centers expect to "go live" with the Sirsi Unicorn system in April of 2006. This new system will allow the Centers to improve efficiency and offer Connecticut libraries a more accessible and interactive web catalog for Service Center collections.

Interlibrary Loan Report and Survey
Joanne Turschman, State Library Data Coordinator compiled the Connecticut Interlibrary Loan Activity July 2004-June 2005 annual report. The report was distributed to all public and academic libraries submitting data in September. It is also available at:

Joanne Turschman wrote the following brief news item for the November issue of Connecticut Libraries announcing a survey she will be conducting on library personnel.

Barnes & Noble Fundraising Event
The Connecticut Library Association, Connecticut Library Consortium and the Connecticut State Library are partnering with Barnes & Noble Booksellers to Love Your Library this holiday season in a special fundraiser that will support a service used by all Connecticut libraries – iCONN, the Connecticut Digital Library. On Friday, December 2nd and Saturday, December 3rd, Barnes & Noble will donate from fifteen to twenty-five percent of every sale at Connecticut and select out-of-state store locations to Connecticut's libraries via the iCONN program. To qualify, a Love Your Library voucher must accompany purchases. The fundraiser will also feature opportunities for Barnes & Noble shoppers to contribute purchases directly to Barnes & Noble area libraries' collections. Events will be planned at selected Barnes & Noble locations in conjunction with Love Your Library days. For more information go to: .


RFP for Databases
A Request for Proposal (RFP) for the Tier One databases on iCONN has been developed and sent to the Department of Information Technology for review and release. The current contract with Gale Thomson for the Tier One databases expires on June 30th 2006.

School Toolkit
Sharon Clapp, iCONN Outreach Coordinator, completed the development of the iCONN School Toolkit, which will be distributed on CD-ROM to all school library media specialists. Art Skerker of the State Department of Education is assisting with the duplication and distribution of the CDs. Content of the toolkit includes over 100 learning activities tied to iCONN databases as well as camera-ready content of brochures, bookmarks and training guides. The learning activities may also be found at:

Promotional Items
Steve Cauffman, Interlibrary Loan Coordinator, created a revised brochure Using iCONN to Increase the Challenge Level for All Students. A copy of the brochure is included in the Board packet. He also developed a similar brochure on reQuest the statewide library catalog.

An iCONN poster was created and distributed to all public libraries and their branches. The poster can be viewed at .


The Division of Library Development hosted its 4th annual New Library Director’s Brunch on November 22, 2005 at the Middletown Library Service Center. The Brunch is an opportunity for the Division to inform new public library directors of its services, resources and programs. After welcoming remarks by the State Librarian, Division staff speak with the directors about each of their programs and answer questions. Each director is given a detailed notebook of resources that they can refer to when they return to their libraries.

Also on November 22nd the Middletown Library Service Center celebrated its 50th Anniversary. Librarians from around the state joined with State Library staff to commemorate the 50 years of service the center has provided to the library community. The Service Center began in 1955 as a two-year pilot project funded by the state with $80,000 providing 8,500 books, consulting staff, a building and a station wagon that delivered books to school and public libraries on a regular basis. The Service Center officially opened on November 20, 1955 at a ceremony attended by over 200 librarians and friends of libraries. Attendees at the 50th Anniversary were treated to a DVD of photos from the service center’s first 50 years.


State Archivist Mark Jones and Assistant State Archivist Bruce Stark attended the fall meeting of the New England Archivists held at the University of Vermont in Burlington, October 14 and 15. Mr. Jones delivered a paper about servicing confidential records at the Connecticut State Library.

On October 21, Mark Jones chaired a meeting of the Connecticut State Historical Records Advisory Board held at the State Library’s Van Block facility in Hartford. Board members Eunice DiBella and Bruce Stark attended along with members of the Archives and Public Records Administration staff.

LeAnn Johnson and Kathryn Makover attended the Association of Records Managers and Administrators International Conference in Chicago, IL, from September 18 to September 21. The conference focused on the business and technology of managing records and information.

Assistant Archivist Bruce Stark attended the fall meeting of New England Historical Association at the University of Rhode Island on October 22. Mr. Stark served as commentator on a session titled, "Local Historical Societies and Public History: Resources and Prospects."

On November 2, Mark Jones and Eunice DiBella represented the Connecticut State Library at a meeting/luncheon of the Center for Public Policy and Practical Politics at Central Connecticut State University. Former Governor William A. O’Neill, who attended with his wife Nikki, was honored for his leadership in the passage of the Education Enhancement bill passed in 1986 raising salaries of secondary school teachers.

Presentations and Training
Eunice DiBella conducted a training session on the retention of Public Safety Records at the Connecticut Police Academy in Meriden, Connecticut on November 15. Thomas Hennick of the Connecticut Freedom of Information Commission was a co-presenter and covered freedom of information requests. On November 17, Mrs. DiBella conducted a session on records retention at the annual meeting of the Connecticut Association of Tax Collectors that was held at the Aqua Turf in Southington, Connecticut. LeAnn Johnson also attended these meetings.

Field Archivist Kathryn Makover, met with the Bristol Town Clerk on November 10, to observe the functioning of the office, review past grant projects and discuss possible future projects.


The Connecticut Humanities Council has awarded the Connecticut Heritage Foundation a $9,800 grant to carry out a strategic planning process for the Museum as recommended by the Museum Assessment. The kickoff for the planning meeting will be held on December 6 from 1-3 pm at the Van Block Facility.

The Governor has appointed the following individuals to the Museum Advisory Board.
Kathleen Maher (Trumbull)
Edmund B. Sullivan (Suffield)
Mark A. McEachern (Goshen)