Memorials of Connecticut Judges and Attorneys
As Printed in the Connecticut Reports
volume 15, Appendix, 32-33


Was born in 1762, within the limits of the present town of Washington, then a part of Woodbury. He commenced life a farmer and dealer, with scarcely the advantages of a common education. Such, however, was the impulse of his native powers, he surmounted all obstacles. Studied law with Ephraim Kirby, and Judge Reeve, at Litchfield, and was admitted to the bar in that county, in 1787; commenced the practice of law at Woodbury, and rose more rapidly to the highest grade of his profession, than almost any other man has done. His powers of thought and elocution gave him almost unlimited dominion over his audience. He was a member of the House of Representatives in the state legislature, October, 1789, October, 1791, May, 1792, October, 1794, and May, 1795. In 1797, he was elected a representative from this State in the Congress of the United States. Having served in that capacity two terms, he declined a reelection in 1801.

In 1802, he was elected to the Council or Upper House of the legislature of this State; a situation which he resigned in 1804. In 1805, he was appointed State's Attorney for the County of Litchfield; and Judge of the Supreme Court, in October, 1806. In the latter office he continued until 1819. He died March 8th, 1822.