Memorials of Connecticut Judges and Attorneys
As Printed in the Connecticut Reports
volume 19, page(s) 533-534


Judge [Henry Matson] Waite's absence from the court, during the whole of this term, was occasioned, by the illness of his son, GEORGE C. WAITE, Esq., and his expected return to his native place. His father wished to be at home to receive him; and he was not deprived of this melancholy satisfaction. The young man returned, with a fatal disease, fastened upon his lungs. Here he languished until the 4th of August, when he died.

"Purpureus veluti quum flos, succisus aratro,

Languescit moriens."

He was born at Lyme, August 13th, 1820; and was graduated at Yale-College in 1840. He read law in his father's office, about a year and a half, and then removed to Troy, N.Y. and completed his studies, under the instruction of George Gould, Esq., a son of the late Judge Gould. He was admitted to the bar, in the state of New-York, in 1844, and immediately afterwards entered upon the practice of the law, in Troy. Although he began his professional career among strangers, without patronage, and in the midst of a crowded profession; yet by his industry, integrity and amiable deportment, he soon rose to an honorable rank among his brethren, and obtained a fair proportion of business. He won also the respect and confidence of his associates at the bar. During the last year of his residence in Troy, he was an active and efficient member of the board of education; and to him, is that city mainly indebted for its present free school system, which promises so much benefit to the rising generation.

His memory will long be cherished, and his loss mourned, not only by his immediate relatives, but by all with whom he was acquainted. On hearing of his death, the members of the bar of the county of Rensselaer, held a meeting, at the court-house in Troy, the Hon. Abram B. Olin being in the chair, expressing their grief at his departure, and their high appreciation of his professional and private character, of the soundness of his understanding and the goodness of his heart - with a tender of their condolence and sympathies to his parents and other relatives.