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The Merritt Parkway - Connecticut's National Historic Road

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Controversy and Scandal

The Merritt Parkway Opens

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Merritt Parkway looking west toward Black Rock Turnpike exit in Fairfield, photo

June 29, 2008 marks the 70th anniversary of the opening of the first 17 miles of the Merritt Parkway.   It was the largest public works project in Connecticut up to that time, costing $21 million, and it was the first multi-lane median divided highway in Connecticut.  The new road would link New York's Hutchinson Parkway with towns in Fairfield County, and in the minds of many residents, it opened up the Connecticut suburbs to those who could afford a car and gas to go for a Sunday drive.

This online exhibit uses sources found in the Connecticut State Library, (especially in the State Archives), including photographs, reports, and documents that relate to the story behind Connecticut's Most Scenic Road.



Exhibit prepared by the History & Genealogy Unit, June 2008