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The Merritt Parkway - Connecticut's National Historic Road

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Controversy and Scandal

The Merritt Parkway Opens

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Report of the Commissioner of the State Highway Department, John A. MacDonald, to Governor Wilbur L. CrossPhoto of the same tree in Exhibit 005 of Hurley Report. This time shown further away from Merritt Parkway, MacDonald Report, Exhibit 2B

On February 28, 1938, the Commissioner of the State Highway Department, John A. MacDonald, submitted a rebuttal report to Governor Cross, that focused on Hurley's "crudely deceptive and cruelly destructive "  allegations toward him and the State Highway Department. 

His General Statement argued that Hurley had no basis or justification for his findings and that the blame on the State Highway Department stemmed from Hurley's "own confusion and lack of knowledge."  To illustrate his argument, MacDonald  submitted corresponding photographs of the areas of the Merritt Parkway that were depicted in Hurley's report.

The photographs may not have generated the desired effect hoped for by both Hurley and MacDonald, however, for when questioned by a newspaper reporter as to which photographs were the most accurate, Governor Cross replied "Give me the right kind of camera, ... and tell me where to stand or stoop and I will corroborate the truth of both sets of photographs."

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MacDonald Report, Exhibit 2B