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Research Guide to Mexican War Sources at the Connecticut State Library

The following sources are suggested. The materials may be consulted at the Connecticut State Library, but are not available on interlibrary loan.

Published Materials
Record of Service of Connecticut Men in the War of the Revolution, War of 1812, and Mexican War. Hartford, 1889 [CSL call number: HistRef D Ad44 res].

White, Virgil. Index to Mexican War Pension Files. Waynesboro, TN: National Historical Publishing Company, 1989 [CSL call number HistRef E 409.4.W45]. This volume has been sold nationally and may be available through your local public library.

Archival Materials
The following archival sources are available for your research at the Connecticut State Library. An archives pass is required. The dates of these selected record series indicate that they may contain material covering the Mexican-American War.

RG 12, Series 2. Records of the War Records Department. 9. Lists of CT members of the Armed Forces, 1776-1946. Annex 6, #7. List of Mexican War veterans with rank and unit, date of death, age and burial place. Alphabetical. 3 pages.

RG 13:22, Courts Martial 1800-1862. Proceedings & related papers (1 ft. 8 in.).

RG 13:118, Fifth Brigade. Brigade Record Book 1844-47. Orders, discharges granted and orders for election of officers (I vol. 1 1/2 in.).

RG 13,129, Sixth Regiment. Artillery Co. B (Middletown), 1847-56. Records. 1 vol. 1/2 in.

RG 13:130, Seventh Regiment. First Rifle Company, 1828-47. Orderly books. Vols. 2 & 3. 1 inch.

RG 13:142, Eleventh Regiment, Infantry. Grenadier Company, 1794-1847. Record Book. 1 vol. 1 inch.

RG 13:143, Eleventh Regiment. First Company (Pomfret), 1833-46. Record books.

RG 13:158, Nineteenth Regiment, Infantry. First Rifle Company, 1838-49 Record book.

RG 13:159, Twentieth Regiment, Infantry. First Company (Hebron), 1844-52. Orderly book. 1 vol.

RG 13:160, Twentieth Regiment. Second Company (Colchester), 1838-46. Company book.

RG 13:161, Twenty-first Regiment, Infantry. Veteran Association, 1870-1938. Record books of minutes, clippings, correspondence.

RG 13:165, Twenty-fifth Regiment, First Brigade, 1841-46. Record book of orders, minutes, etc.

RG 13:166, Twenty-fifth Regiment, Fifth Company (East Windsor), 1825-46. Record Book.

RG 13:167, First Flank Company., 1825-48. Order book.

RG 13:170, Governor's Foot Guard. First Company, 1771-1954. Record book.

RG 13, Accession #88-39 (Stored off-site. Archives pass and delayed retrieval required.):

The staff of the History and Genealogy Unit does not search or provide copies of military records. Those wishing to utilize materials in the State Archives should consult the Rules and Procedures for Researchers Using Archival Records and Secured Collections Materials. A list of Professional Genealogists Familiar with Connecticut State Library Collections is available for your consideration if you are unable to visit the Connecticut State Library personally.

Copies of military records and pension application files can be ordered from the National Archives. Request NATF Form 80, Order for Copies of Veterans' Records, in an email addressed to or in a letter address to the National Archives and Records Administration, Attn: NWCTB, 700 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20408-0001. Be sure to provide your name and postal mailing address, specify the form number, and state the number of forms you need (limit 6 per order). Additional information on how to obtain copies is available on the NARA website.

Prepared by the History and Genealogy Unit, Connecticut State Library, 11-96.