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Research Guide to the Connecticut Military Census of 1917

In February 1917 the Connecticut General Assembly directed Governor Marcus H. Holcomb "to procure certain information relative to the resources of the State," especially about "men and materials available for use in the event of war." Known as the Military Census, the most significant part was a manpower census of all male inhabitants over the age of sixteen taken in 1917-1918. However, additional surveys included such things as farms, crops, livestock, automobiles, doctors, nurses, and factories.

Approximately 502,549 sheets of the manpower census were completed and arranged in numerical order. An index card was prepared for each sheet and arranged under each town alphabetically by surname. Each card gives the name, address, and form number.

In 1988 and 1989 the Genealogical Society of Utah microfilmed the completed forms and index cards and provided the State Library with a donor copy of each series. The index cards are on 16mm microfilm arranged by town and then alphabetically by surname. If a card for a name is located, researchers should take down the form number(s). The forms are arranged numerically on 35mm microfilm. Researchers may consult the microfilm camera operator's reports, in the descriptive register for RG 29 in H&G, or check the Family History Catalog to find the microfilm roll that includes the form in question. Form numbers appear in the upper right hand corner of each sheet. Since numbers on many of the original forms are faded, researchers may have difficulty in reading them, but the sheets are in numerical order on the microfilm.

The State Archives is treating the microfilm as the use copy. Hence, access to the original sheets are subject to the Guidelines on Use of Restricted Original Archival Records. The History and Genealogy staff does not search or provide copies from microfilmed records, and the State Library's copies of these films are not available on inter-library loan. However, a list of Professional Genealogists Familiar with Connecticut State Library Collections who can make copies for a fee is available and films may be used at LDS Family History Centers..

Originally prepared 12-89. Revised 11-96 and 2-02.