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Connecticut Public Acts 1996

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Substitute Senate Bill No. 274



Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives in General Assembly convened:

Section 1. Section 1-9b of the general statutes is repealed and the following is substituted in lieu thereof:

The provisions of sections 1-9, 1-9a, 2-23a, 2-60, [4a-68,] 51-4a and 51-216a AS AMENDED shall not apply to any department, agency or office of the state, or of any political subdivision of the state, until such department, agency or office exhausts the supply of non-alkaline paper which it has in stock on October 1, 1991.

Sec. 2. Section 4-60 of the general statutes is repealed and the following is substituted in lieu thereof:

The executive head of each budgeted agency shall, on or before September first, annually, deliver to the Governor a report of the activities of such agency during the fiscal year ended the preceding June thirtieth. The Governor shall immediately file such reports with the Commissioner of Administrative Services, who shall edit the same with regard to contents, arrangement and brevity and cause them to be [printed in accordance with section 4a-68 and] published in convenient form for distribution not later than December first. Copies of such document shall be

distributed to each elected state officer and each member of the General Assembly or, in the even-numbered years, to each such officer and member elected to take office the following January.

Sec. 3. Subsection (a) of section 4a-52a of the general statutes is repealed and the following is substituted in lieu thereof:

(a) Notwithstanding the provisions of section 4a-51 [,] OR 4a-52, [4a-68, 4a-69 or 4a-70,] the chief executive officer of each constituent unit of the state system of higher education or, in the case of the Connecticut State University system, the chief executive officer of a state university, is authorized to purchase supplies, materials, equipment, contractual services, as defined in section 4a-50, execute personal service agreements as defined in section 4-212, lease personal property in accordance with section 10a-151b, and undertake printing, publishing and microfilming for such constituent unit or institution. The provisions of sections 4-210 and 4-212 to 4-219, inclusive, and section 9 of public act 93-336 shall not apply to personal service agreements executed pursuant to this section.

Sec. 4. Subsection (a) of section 10a-48 of the general statutes is repealed and the following is substituted in lieu thereof:

(a) The Board of Governors of Higher Education shall, in addition to its other powers and duties and in consultation with the Connecticut campus compact for student community service established pursuant to subsection (c) of this section, provide for a comprehensive, coordinated and state-wide system of college and university community service programs designed to assist in the identification and solution of community problems in urban, suburban and rural areas, and, as a part thereof, shall (1) identify problems, matters or areas relevant to the interests and welfare of the citizens of the state which it deems should be made the subject of community service programs, (2) support community service programs regarding such problems, matters or areas through any public or private institution of higher education in the state, through any combination of such institutions, and through any joint, collective, regional, representative or other organization established by such institutions or by professional staff members designated by such institutions, (3) provide an information service about community service programs in institutions of higher education in the state, (4) publish such documents as will, in its judgment, further its activities [and which shall not be subject to the provisions of section 4a-68] and (5) in consultation with institutions of higher education in the state, develop a plan to improve the integration of student community service programs with academic course offerings and submit the plan to the joint standing committee of the General Assembly having cognizance of matters relating to education not later than June 30, 1991.

Sec. 5. Section 15-121 of the general statutes, as amended by sections 12 and 21 of public act 95-257, is repealed and the following is substituted in lieu thereof:

(a) Unless otherwise provided in this chapter, the Commissioner of Environmental Protection shall administer the provisions of this chapter and for such purpose shall have exclusive jurisdiction of all waters of the state, subject to the authority of the United States in respect to the navigable waters of the United States.

(b) In the performance of his duties under part II the commissioner shall: (1) Classify all waters and all vessels for the purpose of establishing uniformity in the regulation of such waters and such vessels; (2) prescribe uniform navigation aids for state waters and regulate the use of such aids; (3) establish restricted zones or sea lanes within navigable waters and adopt regulations pertaining thereto for the purpose of protecting the natural ecology of such waters and the abutting shoreline from environmental damage resulting from marine accidents which cause the release of petroleum products or other hazardous substances and materials into the waters of the state, provided before establishing such lanes, zones and regulations the commissioner shall consider at least the following factors: (i) The danger in transporting the type of material; (ii) the evidence of deleterious incidents arising from the transportation of such hazardous materials; (iii) available alternatives; (iv) the public need; and (v) the effect on interstate commerce; and further provided any such regulations promulgated by the commissioner shall list and define the substances and materials which are classified as hazardous; (4) prescribe uniform standards for safety devices and equipment required by part II and certify the types of devices and equipment which meet such standards; (5) designate and assist the several towns in designating prohibited and restricted boating areas and waters limited to special boating purposes and prescribe uniform standards for the marking and regulation of such areas; (6) adopt such regulations respecting water skiing and underwater swimming and diving as he finds necessary for public safety; (7) study, plan and recommend the development of boating facilities, safety education and means of improving boating safety; (8) in cooperation with the Department of Public Health, investigate matters relating to and recommend means of improving boating sanitation; (9) cooperate with the Department of Transportation concerning regulations governing the operation of seaplanes on state waters; (10) cooperate with the United States and the several states in promoting uniformity of boating laws and regulations and their administration and enforcement, and (11) subject to the applicable provisions of chapter 54 and [section 4a-68 and] the limitations of part II, adopt such regulations to provide for public safety and environmental quality as he finds necessary to administer and enforce the provisions of said part and to promote the safe use and protection of waters and the safe operation of vessels; provided the commissioner shall make no regulations respecting the operation of vessels on Long Island Sound except as are necessary to secure inshore waters and establish and secure restricted areas.

(c) In the performance of his duties under part III the commissioner shall: (1) Establish, by regulations adopted in accordance with the provisions of chapter 54, criteria for the issuance of marine dealer identification numbers; (2) establish a uniform system for the display of motorboat identification numbers in conformity with such system as the United States may employ pursuant to the federal Boat Safety Act of 1971; (3) provide in such system for the display of distinctive marine dealers' identification numbers; (4) compile and publish periodically boating accident statistics and submit such statistics, together with copies of all accident reports and other reports or studies, as required, to the secretary of the department of the United States in which the United States Coast Guard is operating, and (5) subject to the applicable provisions of chapter 54 [and section 4a-68,] adopt such regulations to provide for the public safety as are necessary to administer the provisions of part III.

Sec. 6. Subsection (a) of section 19a-1c of the general statutes, as amended by section 21 of public act 95-257, section 68 of public act 95-264 and section 20 of public act 95-360, is repealed and the following is substituted in lieu thereof:

(a) Whenever the words "Commissioner of Public Health and Addiction Services" are used or referred to in the following sections of the general statutes, the words "Commissioner of Public Health" shall be substituted in lieu thereof and whenever the words "Department of Public Health and Addiction Services" are used or referred to in the following sections of the general statutes, the words "Department of Public Health" shall be substituted in lieu thereof: 1-21b, 2-20a, 3-129, 4-5, 4-38c, 4-60i, 4-67e, 4a-12, 4a-16, 4a-51, [4a-68,] 5-169, 7-22a, 7-41a, 7-42, 7-44, 7-45, 7-47a, 7-48, 7-49, 7-51, 7-52, 7-53, 7-54, 7-55, 7-56, 7-59, 7-60, 7-62a, 7-62b, 7-62c, 7-65, 7-70, 7-72, 7-73, 7-74, 7-127e, 7-504, 7-536, 8-159a, 8-206d, 8-210, 10-19, 10-71, 10-76d, 10-91a, 10-203, 10-204a, 10-207, 10-212, 10-212a, 10-214, 10-215d, 10-253, 10-282, 10-284, 10-292, 10a-132, 10a-132b, 10a-132c, 10a-132d, 10a-155, 10a-162a, 12-62f, 12-263a, 12-407, 12-634, 13a-175b, 13a-175ee, 13b-38n, 14-227a, 14-227c, 15-121, 15-140r, 15-140u, 16-19z, 16-32e, 16-43, 16-50c, 16-50d, 16-50j, 16-261a, 16-262l, 16-262m, 16-262n, 16-262o, 16-262q, 16a-36, 16a-36a, 16a-103, 17-585, 17a-20, 17a-52, 17a-154, 17a-219c, 17a-220, 17a-277, 17a-509, 17b-6, 17b-99, 17b-225, 17b-234, 17b-265, 17b-288, 17b-340, 17b-341, 17b-347, 17b-350, 17b-351, 17b-354, 17b-357, 17b-358, 17b-406, 17b-408, 17b-420, 17b-552, 17b-611, 17b-733, 17b-737, 17b-740, 17b-748, 17b-803, 17b-808, 17b-851a, 19a-1d, 19a-4b, 19a-4i, 19a-6, 19a-6a, 19a-7b, 19a-7c, 19a-7d, 19a-7e, 19a-7f, 19a-7g, 19a-7h, 19a-9, 19a-10, 19a-13, 19a-14, 19a-14a, 19a-14b, 19a-15, 19a-17, 19a-17a, 19a-17m, 19a-17n, 19a-19, 19a-20, 19a-21, 19a-23, 19a-24, 19a-25, 19a-25a, 19a-26, 19a-27, 19a-28, 19a-29, 19a-29a, 19a-30, 19a-30a, 19a-32, 19a-32a, 19a-33, 19a-34, 19a-35, 19a-36, 19a-36a, 19a-37, 19a-37a, 19a-37b, 19a-40, 19a-41, 19a-42, 19a-43, 19a-44, 19a-45, 19a-47, 19a-48, 19a-49, 19a-50, 19a-51, 19a-52, 19a-53, 19a-54, 19a-55, 19a-57, 19a-58, 19a-59, 19a-59a, 19a-59b, 19a-59c, 19a-59d, 19a-60, 19a-61, 19a-69, 19a-70, 19a-71, 19a-72, 19a-73, 19a-74, 19a-75, 19a-76, 19a-79, 19a-80, 19a-82 to 19a-91, inclusive, 19a-92a, 19a-93, 19a-94, 19a-94a, 19a-102a, 19a-103, 19a-104, 19a-105, 19a-108, 19a-109, 19a-110, 19a-110a, 19a-111, 19a-111a, 19a-111e, 19a-112a, 19a-112b, 19a-112c, 19a-113, 19a-113a, 19a-115, 19a-116, 19a-121, 19a-121a, 19a-121b, 19a-121c, 19a-121d, 19a-121e, 19a-121f, 19a-122b, 19a-123d, 19a-124, 19a-125, 19a-126h 19a-145, 19a-148, 19a-148a, 19a-150, 19a-153, 19a-154, 19a-155, 19a-162, 19a-166, 19a-168b, 19a-168p, 19a-169e, 19a-175, 19a-176, 19a-178, 19a-179, 19a-180, 19a-181a, 19a-182, 19a-183, 19a-184, 19a-186, 19a-187, 19a-195a, 19a-200, 19a-201, 19a-202, 19a-204, 19a-207, 19a-208, 19a-215, 19a-219, 19a-221, 19a-223, 19a-229, 19a-241, 19a-242, 19a-243, 19a-244, 19a-245, 19a-250, 19a-252, 19a-253, 19a-255, 19a-257, 19a-262, 19a-269, 19a-270, 19a-270a, 19a-279l, 19a-310, 19a-311, 19a-312, 19a-313, 19a-320, 19a-323, 19a-329, 19a-330, 19a-331, 19a-332, 19a-332a, 19a-333, 19a-341, 19a-401, 19a-402, 19a-406, 19a-409, 19a-420, 19a-421, 19a-422, 19a-423, 19a-424, 19a-425, 19a-426, 19a-427, 19a-428, 19a-490, 19a-490c, 19a-490d, 19a-490e, [19a-490q] 19a-490g, 19a-491, 19a-491a, 19a-491b, 19a-492, 19a-493, 19a-493a, 19a-494, 19a-494a, 19a-495, 19a-496, 19a-497, 19a-499, 19a-500, 19a-501, 19a-503, 19a-504, 19a-504c, 19a-505, 19a-506, 19a-507a, 19a-507b, 19a-507c, 19a-507d, 19a-508, 19a-509a, 19a-512, 19a-514, 19a-515, 19a-517, 19a-518, 19a-519, 19a-520, 19a-521, 19a-521a, 19a-523, 19a-524, 19a-526, 19a-527, 19a-528, 19a-530, 19a-531, 19a-533, 19a-534a, 19a-535, 19a-535a, 19a-536, 19a-537, 19a-538, 19a-540, 19a-542, 19a-547, 19a-550, 19a-551, 19a-554, 19a-581, 19a-582, 19a-584, 19a-586, 20-8, 20-8a, 20-9, 20-10, 20-11, 20-11a, 20-11b, 20-12, 20-12a, 20-13, 20-13a, 20-13b, 20-13d, 20-13e, 20-14, 20-14j, 20-17, 20-18, 20-18a, 20-18b, 20-20, 20-27, 20-28a, 20-28b, 20-29, 20-37, 20-39a, 20-40, 20-45, 20-54, 20-55, 20-57, 20-58a, 20-59, 20-66, 20-68, 20-70, 20-71, 20-73, 20-73a, 20-74, 20-74a, 20-74i, 20-74aa, 20-74dd, 20-86b, 20-86c, 20-86d, 20-86f, 20-86h, 20-90, 20-92, 20-93, 20-94, 20-94a, 20-96, 20-97, 20-99, 20-99a, 20-101a, 20-102aa to 20-102ee, inclusive, 20-103a, 20-106, 20-107, 20-108, 20-109, 20-110, 20-114, 20-122a, 20-122b, 20-122c, 20-123a, 20-126h, 20-126j, 20-126k, 20-126l, 20-126o, 20-126p, 20-126q, 20-126r, 20-126u, 20-126v, 20-127, 20-128a, 20-129, 20-130, 20-133, 20-138a, 20-138c, 20-139a, 20-140a, 20-141, 20-143, 20-146, 20-146a, 20-149, 20-153, 20-154, 20-162n, 20-162p, 20-188, 20-189, 20-190, 20-192, 20-193, 20-195a, 20-195m, 20-195p, 20-196, 20-198, 20-199, 20-200, 20-202, 20-206, 20-206a, 20-206m, 20-206p, 20-207, 20-211, 20-212, 20-213, 20-214, 20-217, 20-218, 20-220, 20-221, 20-222, 20-222a, 20-223, 20-224, 20-226, 20-227, 20-228, 20-229, 20-231, 20-235a, [202-236] 20-236, 20-238, 20-241, 20-242, 20-243, 20-247, 20-250, 20-252, 20-252a, 20-255a, 20-256, 20-258, 20-262, 20-263, 20-267, 20-268, 20-269, 20-271, 20-272, 20-341d, 20-341e, 20-341f, 20-341g, 20-341m, 20-358, 20-361, 20-365, 20-396, 20-402, 20-404, 20-406, 20-408, 20-416, 20-474 to 20-476, inclusive, 20-571, 20-578, 21-7, 21a-11, 21a-86a, 21a-86c, 21a-116, 21a-138, 21a-150, 21a-150a, 21a-150b, 21a-150c, 21a-150d, 21a-150f, 21a-150j, 21a-240, 21a-249, 21a-260, 21a-274, 21a-283, 22-6f, 22-6g, 22-6i, 22-131, 22-150, 22-152, 22-165, 22-332b, 22-344, 22-358, 22-417, 22a-29, 22a-54, 22a-65, 22a-66a, 22a-66l, 22a-66z, 22a-115, 22a-119, 22a-134g, 22a-134bb, 22a-137, 22a-163a, 22a-163i, 22a-176, 22a-191, 22a-192, 22a-208q, 22a-231, 22a-240, 22a-240a, 22a-295, 22a-300, 22a-308, 22a-337, 22a-352, 22a-354i, 22a-354k, 22a-354w, 22a-354x, 22a-354aa, 22a-355, 22a-356, 22a-358, 22a-361, 22a-363b, 22a-371, 22a-378, 22a-423, 22a-424, 22a-426, 22a-430, 22a-434a, 22a-449i, 22a-471, 22a-474, 22a-601, 25-32, 25-32b, 25-32c, 25-32d, 25-32e, 25-32f, 25-32g, 25-32h, 25-32i, 25-32k, 25-32l, 25-33, 25-33a, 25-33c, 25-33d, 25-33e, 25-33f, 25-33g, 25-33h, 25-33i, 25-33j, 25-33k, 25-33l, 25-33n, 25-34, 25-35, 25-36, 25-37a, 25-37b, 25-37c, 25-37d, 25-37e, 25-37f, 25-37g, 25-39a, 25-39b, 25-39c, 25-40, 25-43b, 25-43c, 25-46, 25-49, 25-102gg, 25-128, 25-129, 25-137, 26-22, 26-119, 26-141b, 26-192a, 26-192b, 26-192c, 26-192e, 26-236, 27-140aa, 31-23, 31-40u, 31-51u, 31-101, 31-106, 31-111a, 31-111b, 31-121a, 31-222, 31-374, 31-397, 31-398, 31-400, 31-401, 31-402, 31-403, 32-23x, 38a-180, 38a-199, 38a-214, 38a-514, 38a-539, 38a-583, 45a-743, 45a-745, 45a-749, 45a-750, 45a-757, 46a-28, 46a-126, 46b-26, 46b-68, 46b-172a, 47a-52, 52-146f, 52-146k, 52-473a, 52-557b, 53-332, 54-102a, 54-102b, 54-142k, 54-203 AS AMENDED.

Sec. 7. Section 51-216b of the general statutes, as amended by section 2 of public act 95-176, is repealed and the following is substituted in lieu thereof:

(a) (1) The Commission on Official Legal Publications may sell official legal publications and electronic bulletin board services at such prices and upon such terms as to payment and security as it may fix and may sue in its name or take such other legal measures as may be appropriate to enforce payments of accounts due it. (2) The commission may appoint a selling agent or agents to handle the sales, and a publishing agent or agents to attend to the publication and distribution, under its supervision, of official legal publications, upon such terms as it deems to be in the best interest of the state. Except to the extent that the commission otherwise appoints, the executive secretary of the judicial branch shall be the commission's publishing agent. (3) The commission may enter into contracts with publishing and printing concerns and others in any state for the printing or photolithographing and for the binding of such volumes as may be necessary and for the storage of volumes. (4) The commission shall have custody of the electroplates and stereotypes of the volumes of reports and may repair and replace them from time to time when necessary for proper printing therefrom. It may sell any electroplates or stereotypes when in its opinion they are no longer of use to the state.

(b) (1) Money received from sales permitted under this section shall be deposited with the State Treasurer as provided by law and shall be credited to the General Fund. Overpayments made to the commission in an amount not to exceed five dollars shall not be refunded but shall be deposited in the General Fund. Claims for refunds due to overpayment shall be presented within one year after they accrue or shall be deemed to be waived, except that claims for refunds due to overpayments made prior to October 1, 1995, may be presented within one year of October 1, 1995. (2) Bills contracted and expenses incurred by the commission for the purposes specified in this section and sections [4a-68,] 51-215a, 51-215b, 51-216a AS AMENDED and 51-216c shall be paid from moneys appropriated from the General Fund.

(c) The commission shall (1) furnish official legal publications free of charge to courts of record and law libraries within the state, and to public officers, departments, agencies, boards and commissions within the state, according to their legitimate needs as determined by the commission, and (2) furnish the Connecticut Law Journal free of charge to any member of the General Assembly making a request therefor during the term for which he is elected.

(d) If the town clerk of any town certifies to the commission, and the commission, upon investigation, determines, that volumes of reports in the possession of the town clerk are not of substantial use to the people of the town, the volumes shall be delivered to the commission or its agent for the use of the state or for sale to the public on behalf of the state. The commission may utilize for the purposes of [section 4a-68 and] this section any volumes which may be turned over to the state by the town clerks or other public officers or agencies.

Sec. 8. Section 4a-68 of the general statutes, as amended by sections 12 and 21 of public act 95-257 and section 32 of public act 95-230, and sections 4a-69 and 4a-70 of the general statutes are repealed.

Sec. 9. This act shall take effect July 1, 1996.

Approved May 8, 1996. Effective July 1, 1996.