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Connecticut Public Acts 1996

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Substitute House Bill No. 5653



Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives in General Assembly convened:

Section 1. Section 31-227 of the general statutes is amended by adding subsections (i) and (j) as follows:

(NEW) (i) (1) An individual filing a new claim for unemployment compensation shall at the time of filing such claim be advised that: (A) Unemployment compensation is subject to federal, state and local income tax; (B) requirements exist pertaining to estimated tax payments; (C) the individual may elect to have federal income tax deducted and withheld from the individual's payment of unemployment compensation at the amount specified in the federal Internal Revenue Code; (D) the individual may elect to have state income tax deducted and withheld from the individual's payment of unemployment compensation at the rate of three per cent; (E) the individual shall be permitted to change a previously elected withholding status one time in a benefit year; and (F) an individual who elects deductions pursuant to subparagraph (C) or (D) of this subdivision shall be subject to deductions pursuant to subparagraph (C) and (D) of this subdivision. (2) Amounts deducted and withheld from unemployment compensation shall remain in the Unemployment Compensation Fund until transferred to the federal or state taxing authority as a payment of income tax. (3) The commissioner shall follow all procedures specified by the United States Department of Labor and the federal Internal Revenue Service pertaining to the deducting and withholding of federal and state income taxes. (4) Amounts shall be deducted and withheld in accordance with any regulations adopted by the commissioner to implement the provisions of this subsection. (5) For purposes of this subsection, "unemployment compensation" means any compensation payable under this chapter, including amounts payable by the administrator pursuant to an agreement under any federal law providing for compensation, assistance or allowances with respect to unemployment.

(NEW) (j) On and after January 1, 1997, the administrator shall deduct and withhold federal income tax from benefits payable to any individual who elected to have such deductions and withholdings under subsection (i) of this section.

Sec. 2. Subsection (d) of section 31-250a of the general statutes is repealed and the following is substituted in lieu thereof:

(d) The advisory board shall meet at least [twice] THREE TIMES in each calendar [quarter] YEAR and at such other times as the chairman or the administrator deems necessary. All actions of the advisory board shall require the affirmative vote of six members of the advisory board. The advisory board may bring any matter related to the operation of the Employment Security Division to the attention of the administrator. The advisory board may adopt any rules or procedures that the board deems necessary to carry out its duties under this chapter.

Approved June 4, 1996. Effective October 1, 1996.