Connecticut State Library with state seal


To: Connecticut Town Clerks and Administrative Heads of Municipalities
From: Eunice G. DiBella, CRM, Public Records Administrator
Date: June 20, 2000
Re: Public Act No. 146: An Act Concerning Real Estate Filings And The Preservation of Historic Documents

On May 26, 2000, Governor John G. Rowland signed PA 00-146 into law. This is a significant piece of legislation that will enhance our ability to preserve the historical documents of the State of Connecticut and its municipalities.

This legislation imposes a fee of three dollars to be paid for all documents recorded on the land records. An amendment that was passed by the legislature in Special Session on June 19, 2000 states that "The provisions...shall not apply to any document recorded on the land records by an employee of the state or of a municipality in conjunction with said employee's official duties." This exempts municipal and state liens from the provisions of this act. The town clerk is responsible for collecting the fees. One dollar is retained by the town for the preservation of historical documents, as specified in the legislation. The remaining two dollars is forwarded to the State Library for the Historic Documents Preservation Account.

I have included along with this memorandum, a copy of the form (36.5kb) that is to be used to remit funds in accordance with the Public Act, a copy of the Public Act, and a fact sheet that has been designed to explain the important provisions of the Public Act. (This file is provided as a Microsoft Word document. If you can not access it, please email the webmaster for an alternate version.)

Any questions regarding this legislation should be directed to the Public Records Administrator.