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Drunk Driving

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This is an introduction to some of the resources that may be helpful in your research.  We’d be happy to assist you with additional materials available at the State Library.  Please call us at 860-757-6500 or email us at

The Department of Motor Vehicles has compiled a summary of Connecticut’s drunk driving laws. Drunk driving in Connecticut will result in administrative sanctions, which define how long a driver’s license will be suspended.  A conviction for drunk driving will also result in criminal penalties

State Library Resources

The State Library has extensive resources available in paper, microform and/or online formats.  For a listing of those resources related to drunk driving, search our online catalog using the following subjects :

Drunk Driving
Drinking and Traffic Accidents


Full-text of the following sampling of publications is available through our online catalog :

DUI--Calculating the Third Offense, by George Coppolo, Office of Legislative Research, 2007.

Explanation and Assessment of the Significance of Connecticut's Inclusion On the "Fatal Fifteen" List of States With Regard to Alcohol-related Motor Vehicle Fatalities, by James J. Fazzalaro.  Office of Legislative Research, 2006.

Connecticut Drunk Driving Laws, by James J. Fazzalaro.  Office of Legislative Research, 2005.

Driving Under the Influence-Blood Tests, by Christopher Reinhart, Office of Legislative Research, 2003.

Driving Under the Influence-Criminal Charges, by George Coppolo, Office of Legislative Research, 2001.

These publications are a sampling of those available in paper and/or microform format at the State Library :

DWI, DUI and the Law, by Margaret C. Jasper, 2004. [CSL Call Number KF2231.Z9 J37 2004]

Journal of Studies on Alcohol, 1975-1990, available at the State Library.
[CSL Call Number HV5001 .Q38] 1996-present, available online at the Connecticut State Library as an electronic journal subscription. 

State of Knowledge of Alcohol-impaired Driving: Research on Repeat DWI Offenders, by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 2000.
[CSL Call Number Federal Documents TD 8.2:ST 2/13]


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Electronic Journals

Use your public or State Library card barcode to access where you’ll find full text journal and newspaper articles.

The State Library subscribes to an extensive variety of electronic journals, which are only accessible through public terminals at the State Library.  Our Electronic Journals page details the titles and available dates. When you visit the Library, we’ll be glad to show you how to search the electronic journal collection by subject.  Pertinent titles with information on drunk driving include :

Connecticut Law Tribune
Current Health
FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin
Hotel and Motel Management
Journal of Studies on Alcohol

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Accidents Involving Drivers with Certain Blood-alcohol Levels and Arrests for Driving While Impaired, by James J. Fazzalaro.  Office of Legislative Research, OLR Report 2001-R-0154, 2001.

DWI Arrests by Major Cities and Towns: 1979-1980 to 1984, prepared by the Connecticut Alcohol and Drug Abuse Commission, 1985.
[CSL Call Number ConnDoc AL21pd dwar]

State of Connecticut, Uniform Crime Reports, contains DWI arrests by town from 1985-2004.  At the Uniform Crime Reports site, in the “Summary Data to Query” section, select the year, and then in the box immediately to the right of the date, scroll down and select “Arrests: Prostitution/Vice-Liquor Law Violations”. There is a column for DWI arrests.  

Statistics compiled by MADD, Mothers Against Drunk Drivers.


Related agencies/organizations

MADD, Mothers Against Drunk Drivers.

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