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General Statistics Sources

Sources are listed here if they provide extensive statistics about Connecticut for more than one subject area.

Connecticut Market Data

Connecticut Market Data is a summary of Connecticut economic and demographic statistics and comparative features. Over 200 tables answer questions about Connecticut's people, economy and industries. The report also includes statistics on labor force, markets, business, education, housing, income, exports, foreign direct investments, and other topics and more. Links to the 2000 edition as well as earlier editions.

Center for Population Research

The Connecticut State Data Center at the University of Connecticut in Storrs helps provide efficient local access to Census data including population projections.

Connecticut Metropatterns : A Regional Agenda for Community and Prosperity in Connecticut

This report on the development patterns in Connecticut finds that the way the state is growing is hurting all communities - from the most impoverished to the most affluent. It identifies six community types - central cities, stressed, at-risk, fringe-developing, bedroom developing and affluent.  Maps included with report.

Connecticut Town Profiles

A compilation of current statistics describing the State of Connecticut, its towns, and selected administrative and planning regions. The most recent town-level statistics available are presented for demographics, economics, education, housing, labor force, government, and quality of life.

DECD Research Data

Links to data collected by the DECD Research Department. Includes employment and labor force statistics for Connecticut, substate areas, and towns, updated on a monthly basis; demographic and social statistics from the 2000 Census of Population and Housing; export statistics; profiles of towns and other areas; and economic indicators showing the most recent information about the state's production, construction, consumption, and revenue collection.


Some Facts About Connecticut

This useful page from the Secretary of the State's Register and Manual contains such diverse facts about Connecticut as the number of miles of state maintained routes, number of lakes and ponds, number of inmates in Connecticut's correctional institutions, number of farms, number of taxi companies, numbers of dentists, hairdressers and psychologists, and number of private heliports.

State and Local Sourcebook. 

Published by Governing, a monthly magazine from Congressional Quarterly, Inc., this online resource contains data for Connecticut on a variety of topics including demographics, education, environment, health, social services and more.

State Rankings: A Statistical View of the 50 United States.

This leads to our library catalog record for this resource, which presents state rankings across a wide range of subjects. The State Library has a large collection of state rankings reference books. Call a Reference Librarian at (860) 757-6570 for assistance.

LexisNexis™ Statistical

Available at the State Library
Indexes and abstracts over 100,000 federal, state and private statistical sources.


STAT-USA delivers vital economic, business, and international trade information produced by the U.S. government.



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