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Intellectual Property

A Concentration of Collections

As the regional federal depository library for southern New England, Connecticut State Library is a rich source for primary documents such as facsimile images of patents, legislative histories, congressional hearings, treaties, copyright office publications and court decisions.

Additionally, Connecticut State Library is the principal law library in the state system and has an extensive collection of intellectual property treatises, handbooks and journals.

These can be found in the Connecticut State Libraryonline catalog using the subject search terms “patent” “trademarks”, “copyright. Use this pathfinder to locate intellectual property resources in our Library and on the web.

Yankee Ingenuity 

The Museum of Connecticut History collects material related to the history of manufacturing and innovation in Connecticut and has created a database of patents issued to Connecticut residents from 1800 to 1890.

Yankee ingenuity from colonial times is also documented in the collections of the State Archives and the History & Genealogy Unit.

Creativity in the 21st Century

Intellectual Property is a term which traditionally has included copyrights, patents and trademarks. Globalization and technology have broadened that to include privacy issues, trade secrets, biotechnology, internet, and licensing.

To find the intellectual property sources most relevant to your research, please consult one of the topics:

Compiled by Hilary Frye, Law/Legislative Reference, Connecticut State Library. Last revised: March 2009.
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