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Intellectual Property

Practice Materials

Advanced licensing agreements, 2008 / Joseph Yang, Ira J. Levy.  N.Y.: Practising Law Institute, c2008. [KF3092.P37 no. 927]

Advanced patent licensing: what you need to know before licensing your patent, 2008 /   New York, N.Y.: Practising Law Institute, c2008. [KF3092.P37 no. 933]

Advanced patent prosecution workshop: claim drafting and amendment writing. New York: Practising Law Institute.  1990 to date.  Annual.  [KF3092.P37]

Advanced seminar on copyright law. New York, N.Y.: Practising Law Institute, to present.  Annual. [KF3092.P37]

Advanced seminar on trademark law. New York, N.Y.: Practising Law Institute, to present.  Annual. [KF3092.P37]

Criminal enforcement of intellectual property rights / Chicago: American Bar Association, c2008. "The Second Annual National Institute" includes CD.  [KF2979.A2 N37 2008]

Don't I know you from somewhere?: protection in the United States of foreign trademarks that are well know but not used there /   Anne Gilson LaLonde. New York: Matthew Bender & Co., a member of the LexisNexis Group, c2008. [KF3180.G5429 2008]

Fundamentals of intellectual property valuation / Weston Anson / Chicago: ABA, c2005. [KF2979.A85 2005]

Fundamentals of patent prosecution 2008: a boot camp for claim drafting & amendment writing /  Adda C. Gogoris, et al. N.Y.: Practising Law Institute,c2008. [ KF3092.P37 no. 936]

Handbook of intellectual property claims and remedies / Patrick J. Flinn. Gaithersburg, MD: Aspen Law & Business, c2000 to date.
[ KF2979.F59]

Handling intellectual property issues in business transactions, 2008 / program series chair, Steven I. Weisburd ; co-chairs, Eric A. Prager, Jeffery S. Norman, Edwin H. Taylor.  New York, N.Y. : Practising Law Institute, c2008.  [KF3092.P37 no. G928]                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

How to prepare and conduct Markman hearings. New York, N.Y.: Practising Law Institute, to present.   Annual.  [KF3092.P37]

The In-house counsel's essential toolkit: intellectual property / ABA Committee on Corporate Counsel.   Chicago: American Bar Association, c2007.  [KF1425.I64 2007 vol. 5]

Institute for intellectual property law. N.Y.: Practising Law Institute, to present.   Annual.  [KF3092.P37]

The Intangible assets handbook: maximizing value from intangible assets / Weston Anson.  Chicago: ABA, c2007.  [KF2979.A845 2007]

The IP licensing lawyer's job: a survival guide / Jim E. Bullock.  Chicago: American Bar Association, c2008.  [KF2980.B78 2008]

Intellectual property desk book for the business lawyer: a transactions-based guide to intellectual property law / edited by Sharon K. Sandeen. Chicago, IL: American Bar Association, Section of Business Law, Intellectual Property Committee, c2007.   [KF2980.I63 2007]                                                                  

The Intellectual property handbook: a practical guide for franchise, business and IP counsel / William A. Finkelstein and James R. Sims III, Editors. Chicago: American Bar Association, c2005. [KF2979.I4315 2005]

International trademarks and copyrights: enforcement and management / Editor: John T. Masterson, Jr.  Chicago: American Bar Association, c2004. [K1420.5.M287 2004]

Invention analysis and claiming: a patent lawyer's guide / Ronald D. Slusky. Chicago: American Bar Association,2007.  [KF4313.S58 2007]

Markman hearings and claim construction in patent litigation, 2008 / Thomas L. Creel.  New York: Practising Law Institute,c2008.  [KF3092.P37 no. 941]

Navigating trademark practice before the PTO, 2008: from filing through the TTAB hearing / co-chairs, Christopher C. Larkin, Helen Hill Minsker. New York, N.Y.: Practising Law Institute, c2008. [KF3092.P37 no. 926]

Model jury instructions: patent litigation / Denise Loring, editor.  Chicago: American Bar Association, c2005.  [KF3155.M63 2005]

Open source software, Spring 2006: critical issues in today's corporate environment / / co-chairs, Stephen J. Davidson, Laura A. Majerus. New York, N.Y.: Practising Law Institute, c2006. [KF3092.P37 no. 861]

Patent arbitration rules, as amended and effective September 15, 2005  / American Arbitration Association. New York, N.Y.: The Association, c2006., also published as a CD pocket part to ADR & the Law, 20th Edition, 2003. [KF9085.A15 A5 2003]-----------------Supplementary rules for the resolution of patent disputes, amended and effective January 1, 2006  American Arbitration Association.  New York, N.Y.: The Association, c2008., also published as a CD pocket part to ADR & the Law, 22nd Edition, 2005.  [KF9085.A15 A5 2005]

Patent law handbook / St. Paul, Minn: West Group, 1978 to date. [KF3114.P36]

Patents, copyrights, trademarks and literary property course handbook series. New York, N.Y.: Practising Law Institute, to date.

A Practical guide to software licensing for licensees and licensors: model forms and annotations included in print and CD-ROM / H. Ward Classen.  Chicago, IL. :American Bar Association, Section of Business Law, c2007.  [KF3024.C6 C56 2007]                                               

Prior art & obviousness 2008: the PTO and CAFC perspective on patent law sections 102 and 103 /  John M. White  N.Y.: Practising Law Institute, c2008. [KF3092.P37 no.937]

Prosecuting intellectual property crimes / United States Department of Justice, Computer Crime and Intellectual Property Section. 3rd ed. Sept. 2006. [electronic resource]

Restatement of the Law Third: Unfair Competition / American Law Institute. [KF3195.R475]

Trademark Manual of Examining Procedure (TMEP) / Jerome Gilson, Anne Gilson LaLonde, U.S. Department of Commerce, Patent and Trademark Office. 3rd ed. Revision 1. Newark, N.J.: LexisNexis, c2002. [KF3180.G544 2002]

Understanding the intellectual property license 2008 / Marcelo Halpern, Susan Progoff, Ian N. Feinberg. New York: Practising Law Institute, c2008.  [KF3092.P37 no. 950]

What every litigator must know about intellectual property / chair, Leonard T. Nuara.  New York, N.Y.: Practising Law Institute, c2004.
 [KF3092.P37 no. 798]