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The Presidency

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Directives are top level documents that reflect actual presidential intention as opposed to the public statement of purpose. Directives are issued through the National Security Council. Many current directives are still classified. Different Presidents have given them different names:

Many directives are available through the Presidential Directives and Executive Orders Website maintained by the Federation of American Scientists. The Library of Congress has posted a finding aid titled Presidential Directives and Where to Find Them on their Website.

          Signing statements are written comments issued by a President at the time of signing legislation. They are published in the Weekly Compilation of
          Presidential Documents
and later in the annual Public Papers of the President. They are also online at the American Presidency Project

These are issued each Monday containing statements, messages, speeches and other Presidential materials released by the White House during the proceeding week. No longer published in paper as of 11/01/2000.  Holdings and Locations :

The White House

Current activities as well as, history and photos of the White House are included in the White House web site.For materials at the State Library, search the State Library Catalog under the subject "White House - Washington, DC."

Additional Material

In the Library:

Beginning with Franklin Roosevelt, each Administration is given its own classification number in the federal documents collection. Additional  material may be found in the 5th floor stacks under these call numbers.

Online Resources:

The American Presidency Project is sponsored by the Univ. of California Berkley.  It is a comprehensive site including text of presidential debates, Saturday Radio addresses, party convention addresses, inaugural addresses, state of the union addresses and standard Presidential publications.

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